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I'm currently watching Off Pedder (up to about episode 150), A Great Way to Care (episode 4), and The Threshold of a Persona (episode 8). Which one am I liking the most so far? Off Pedder!

Off Pedder
I am currently really loving this series! Maybe it's because of my infatuation with everything Wayne Lai (haha), but when I rent my series, this is always the first one I pop in. Him and Teresa Mo have really good chemistry and I'm currently waiting for their relationship to develop further. Also, I'm beginning to really like Aimee Chan. I have a feeling she's going to be TVB's next fadan they will push, especially since she's following in Bernice Liu and Linda Chung's path of starting off in a long sitcom first.

A Great Way To Care
As I mentioned earlier, the theme song really creeps me out! This series is a mix of Placebo Cure and any random detective/police series in which they mix the two to solve some mysteries by exploring the workings of the human mind or psychological issues. The cast is kinda blah but there is Raymond Wong here to be my eye candy. I'll wait a while to see if the story is any good, because it's not looking great so far.However, watching this confuses me when I'm watch Threshold of a Persona since a few of the supporting characters are the same.

The Threshold of a Persona
The story is okay so far. I'm just waiting to see how they get rid of Roger's wife because I'm anxious to see how he and Yoyo Mung get together (hehe). I'm really trying to recall what has happened so far but I can't remember much- that's not a good thing! The storyline is basically mixed in with a lot of immigration issues and investigations, but nothing that exciting is happening right now to get me really into the series. Oh! The one thing that stands out for me is Roger's hair- why is it curly?

Am I the only one totally loving Off Pedder? I wonder if the other people are finding the other 2 series more interesting..

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