Joyce Tang

Joyce Tang returned to TVB last year in War of In Laws 2 after about a 3 year absence from TVB after a highly publicized breakup from Marco Ngai. I say good for her because ever since her return, she somehow looks even younger and preetier and I think her acting has also improved. Before her break, she was most known for her leading role in the Armed Reaction series as well as some lead and supporting roles in various series. I always thought her acting was just okay and nothing that special. I think maybe that's due to her being in some really bad series- I did not like Armed Reaction IV because of the ending and I hated Summer Heat.

Now, she seems like she is back with a vengence. Most of her roles are second lead and not main lead but she has a lot more spark in her newer roles. I kind of like her in these type of bitchy roles because she brings a lot of attitude to them and she no longer plays these wallflower types. Her fake/real romance with Derek Kwok is really cute and they had a lot of chemistry in War of In Laws 2. My favorite scene is probably how he proposed to her- adorable! I'm currently watching her in Just Love 2 and though she doesn't have too much screen time, she's very interesting to watch. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? Her best look so far was in King of Snookers with her long curly hair, and she was my favorite (maybe the only thing I liked) from that series. I'm looking forward to seeing more from her in the future and hopefully she gets back to main lead soon!

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