Michael Tse (info)

If you're watching "You're Hired" and wondering when Michael Tse appears, he finally shows up on episode 11! It's only 22 episodes long so I was kinda surprised that he only appears in half the series. Perhaps it's because he became that much more popular now, they are using him to promote the series. So far, the whole storyline is pretty cute and it's a good series so hopefully the rest does not disappoint.

In other news, Michael Tse is joining the upcoming series with Chilam, Tavia, and Myolie! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this cast so far, especially since these are some of my favorites. Filming will start in October.

Also, I know that this is sort of old news but the Laughing Gor movie is now out and I'm still excited to watch it. I'm trying to avoid all other news of this since I hate spoilers but it's probably going to be a short while before they release this to the U.S.

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Noah said...

dont think TVB uses him to promote YRH because it was filmed be4 Laughing Gor wave

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