TVB Anniversary Dates announced

The anniversary ceremony will be held on November 19 and the award ceremony will be on December 17, which is a few days after the anniversary series ends. 

Oscar Leung, Kristal Tin, and Natalie Tong were in Malaysia to help promote TVB and their series. Oscar hopes to win the Most Improved award this year. It has been a good year for Oscar and he enjoyed many benefits such as a salary increase. After he finishes filming for A Great Way to Care 2, he will finish off the year by filming 2 movies. One of them will be another Wong Jing remake of "Young and Dangerous." He will also be preparing for a special "Tiger Cubs" performance for the anniversary with Joe Ma and his other cast mates. 

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To me, Oscar should definitely get the Most Improved award this year. He gained more fame through his roles in L'Escargot and Tiger Cubs and will be seen in the anniversary series, The Confidant. He has also participated in many of TVB's specials such as performances in TV Funny and the Miss Hong Kong special. He also joined Big Boys Club as one of their hosts. I would say his toughest opponent would be Him Law, but Oscar outshined him in both of the series they were in together (L'Escargot, Tiger Cubs) and he was outshined by Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress. 


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Hey! U might wanna update that the anniversary awards is on the 17th and not the 19th December:)

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