Diamond Bachelors of TVB

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Bosco Wong are 3 of TVB's top siu sangs but they are now all involved in scandals. Raymond is accused of being a playboy, Ron is accused of cheating on Viann, and there are rumors of a third party due to the Bosco and Myolie breakup. I think Ron has it the worse since there is actual audio and picture proof, but people seem to be blasting the other guys as well. However, not all TVB guys are embroiled in scandals. Here's who I think are the top 5 diamond bachelors right now. These guys are all single, or at least not confirmed to be dating anyone. 

1. Kenneth Ma- He is an all around nice guy and gentleman who is filial to his parents. He kids around to try and create some scandals for himself but people just smile at his stories since everyone knows that he is a good guy. His biggest rumor at the moment is that he is in a love triangle with Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu. Instead of seeming sleazy, he seems even more approachable since both ladies are well-liked and not the typical big-breasted bimbo that his peers seem to go for.

Other bachelors

2. Ruco Chan- Another gentleman who is now one of TVB's top siu sangs. He was previously in a long-term relationship but he is now using all his time to concentrate on work. In earlier interviews, he seems more reserved, but he now seems to open up a lot more and likes to joke around.

3. Kevin Cheng- He previously had a scandal for rumors of cheating on Niki Chow with Charmaine Sheh but he denied this and there was never any proof. Now, he is the current TV king (but winning most people's approval this time) and his popularity has skyrocketed in both China and Hong Kong. Sometimes he appears a little cold, but there are many colleagues that say he is very caring. Rich, handsome, and caring? No wonder most ladies would love to date him.

4. Jason Chan- He is currently being promoted since he is now filming a series where he is the male lead. He also has a very clean image which advertisers seem to love. Though there are rumors that he is dating, nothing has been confirmed so he is still an eligible bachelor!

5. Edwin Siu- Edwin is also being promoted into a variety of bigger roles. He just finished filming Detective Columbo and will soon film A Great Way To Care 2. Although I don't know much about him, he seems like a very friendly guy who has not been involved in anything scandalous.

In my opinion, here are the top 5 eligible bachelors of TVB. Is there anyone you would add?


Lily Lee said...

I would take Ruco Chan anyday ahhaha...

AC said...

@Lily Lee

Ruco is quite handsome! I'm happy for him that he's getting all these lead roles.

lynne said...

Lily! I'd fight you for Ruco! :P lols haha.

This is very enjoyable post AC ;)

Anonymous said...

I am turned off when I know that Ruco smokes. Quit it!

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