Inbound Troubles Review

Inbound Troubles is a story about 2 cousins, Wong Cho Lam and Roger Kwok, and their friends and family. Wong Cho Lam is from Mainland and he visits Hong Kong and it's supposed to show that although there are differences in their culture, the most important thing is to get along. There are good catchphrases, memorable characters, and an entertaining storyline so I will definitely recommend this as one to watch.

This is Joey Meng's first series with TVB so I was very excited to see this but I really enjoyed Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, and Bob Lam in their debut TVB series as well! This series brought more fame to a lot of these actors. Ivana released a top-selling album as her character in this series and Bob Lam, Corina Chamberlain, and May Chan became more popular and gained money through more promotional appearances. Louis Cheung really surprised me because I only knew him as Kay Tse's husband but his popularity also shot up as the metrosexual boyfriend of Ivana. He recently said that his first love is actually acting and that's why he signed a 2 year contract with TVB. He's been give a lot of big supporting roles such as the upcoming Big Wheel and Vinegar Lady which will begin filming in November.

I know that I didn't say that much about the storyline, but what made me really like this series was all the characters. I do wish that they put in more of the China vs Hong Kong differences into the series though. Overall, you should go watch it!

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