Ron Ng Weibo Scandal

Ron Ng's rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang sent out a picture of herself using Ron's Weibo. At that time, Ron was attending Toby Leung's wedding so it was obvious that he wasn't the one sending the picture. Viann has access to Ron's weibo account but did she do it on purpose to show off her relationship with him? It seems like she's quite eager to tell everyone about their relationship because she seems quite possessive and wants to make sure that other girls don't flirt with him. She was really catty towards Kate Tsui saying that her lips look like sausage just because she was having rumors with Ron, and I'm pretty sure she also deleted a lot of Ron's female friends from his weibo. Or do you think it was truly an accident and she forgot to switch back to her own account?

There is also a function for the filming of The Aristocratic Family and Ron was missing because he's "sick". 

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DarKScoRpioN said...

It's hard to believe there is going on between a hunk like Ron Ng and a babe like Viann Zhang. Read more aboutViann Zhang Photo Scandal here.

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