2011 TVB Weekly Magazine Covers

Below are all the covers for TVB Weekly for the year 2011. They can all be found at TVB.com if you want to look at the original image. You can also check out the entire cover story in .pdf format.


My favorite cover is:
I like that it was an original photoshoot of most of the TVB artists that were available and I like how they had a fake tattoo of their name on their body. Some people had better pictures than others but I thought it was an interesting concept. They should really use these pictures and put together a calendar! I miss those. 

My other favorites are: (in no particular order)
-Any cover with Myolie and Kevin together- their poses are quite sexy and it shows that they are very comfortable around each other. 
-Nancy Wu: Cover Girl- It looks like a fashion magazine cover.
-Tavia and Ruco- They look very cool.
-The cast of Forensic Heroes and the cast of When Heaven Burns- I like their group shots together.

What's your favorite cover?

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