Award Celebration Party

After the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng and many others held a celebration party that lasted until past 4AM. Many of the other winners, friends, and even family members went to the party.

More pictures and some video clips-

Fellow winners and good friends Sharon Chan, Ben Wong, and Sire Ma came along to celebrate as well as many of their friends which includes: Koni Lui, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong, Raymond Cho, JJ Jia, Skye Chan, Elena Kong, Grace Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, Joyce Cheng, Johnson Li, Sam Lee, Virgina Lok, Oscar Leung, and of course Bosco Wong.

At the end of the party, JJ Jia was a little drunk.

Then, they all had to wake up a few hours later to go back to work to film Ghetto Justice 2!

Clip of them leaving the party

Video of JJ being a little drunk (hehe, I think this clip is cute! Myolie gives up her ride so that JJ can get home safely)

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