2 Legal Dramas to be filmed soon

The first legal series is a grand production that revolves around inheritances. The cast consists of Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Jason Chan, and Elliot Yue. The female cast will be Maggie Siu and Fala Chen.

The other legal series will begin filming in November with Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Selena Li, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, and Johnson Li. Roger will play a cooler character who has many pauses when he speaks.

It seems like Triumph in the Skies 2 will be wrapping up before the end of the year since the Wayne/Moses series will begin filming in Nov/Dec. I'm hoping that Fala pairs up with Jason in that series because I think she'll look more like a little sister if paired with Wayne or Moses. 
I'm thinking the female lead with Roger is Selena since she seems the most promoted out of the other females.


lynne said...

I'm really looking forward to Roger's series :D Hmm...on the contrary, I thought that Sharon is more promoted than Selena isn't she? But I would be happier if Selena did indeed lead :) Well....even happier if it was Joyce Tang leading xD

AC said...

To me, it seems that Selena is more promoted since she's had more lead roles than Sharon. Sharon's first lead role was in Queen of Diamond and Hearts but she was billed behind Fala, and she's also second lead behind Tavia in Justice Attack. I like Sharon, but I don't know if she can handle such big roles because she had a breakdown when filming Queen due to the pressure of being in such a big role and in Justice Attack because she couldn't handle shooting a gun. Maybe she likes being in more supporting roles so that she can also have more time to rest and do promotional activities?

I doubt Joyce would be leading either since she just got engaged and would probably want more time to prepare for the wedding.

That's why I'm just guessing Selena would be the lead, although I could be totally wrong. lol

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