Unrequited Love Twins Costume Filming

Unrequited Love Twins had their costume filming today and the cast includes Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan, Lin Xia Wei, Tony Hung, Samantha Ko, Benz Hui, Elaine Yiu, Mat Yeung and Mary Hon.
Mat and Lin Xia will play siblings. They will be going on location to Malaysia to film some scenes.

I wasn't even aware that they were going to have their costume fitting today. This series does not look appealing to me at all. I like Ruco but other than Big Wheel with Linda, he seems to get cast in the most boring looking series. Maybe it'll surprise me though.

Source: Weibo


miriamfanz said...

I'd like to see Ruco in more big productions and collaborate with some of the first line actresses

AC said...

Same here! He had nice chemistry with Tavia in The Other Truth and am glad he's paired with Linda in Big Wheel. Not really excited about this pairing with Aimee or his pairing with Fish Wong in the other series but maybe it'll surprise me.
I want them to pair him up with Myolie or Kate in something.

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