TVB Awards 2012 (Red Carpet Pictures and Results)

Beautiful Five Fadans

More red carpet pictures and award results as they come in:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang

Most Improved (Female): Mandy Wong

Most Improved (Male): Oscar Leung

Best Host: Lai Chi Shan

Outstanding Artists:
Chin Ka Lok

Benz Hui

Sunny Chan

Li Cheng Chang

Dodo Cheng

Favorite Female Character: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)

Favorite Male Character:  Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)

Best Supporting Actress:
Nancy Wu

Best Supporting Actor:
Koo Ming Wah

Best Informative Program: Pilgrimage of Hope

Best Variety Program: Map of Happiness

Best Actress: Tavia Yeung

Best Actor: Wayne Lai

Best Series: When Heaven Burns

Congrats to the winners! Very happy for Oscar, Mandy and Nancy (who made a clean sweep for Best Supporting Actress). Also very happy for Kenneth and Tavia. I kept flip-flopping between Kate and Tavia as my guess since Kate had more noise, but Tavia had more clout. My mom told me this morning that her pick was Tavia because she's been in the business longer,  and I think a lot of casual voters voted like this too. Also, she had 3 highly rated series and that exposure definitely helped her. 
Wayne was a surprise but also not at the same time. Raymond and Kenneth probably split the younger vote, and a lot of people just associate Wayne with great acting and so I think a lot of casual voters would pick him as their choice.
As interesting as the one vote per person was, I wish they don't do it next year.  They should also take away the awkwardness of having the 2nd place person give the winner the award in the supporting category. What should they keep? The outstanding awards! I don't care if it's pork. I really liked all their choices. :)

More Red Carpet Pictures:

More ceremony pictures:


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Anonymous said...

Ok is it me or something is going on between Kevin and myolie... Usually when they walk the carpet together they r pretty close and uncomfortable rite but based on those pix they seem more apart maybe cuz they know her ex bosco is there...ok maybe I'm just over analyzing but I think there might be something between them maybe something new since they both r single... And didn't want any awkwardness since bosco is there... Maybe... But Kevin looked hot at the show...


AC said...

@Hailee I think you may be over analyzing it. hehe.. She sent out that same picture on her weibo congratulating all the winners and said that her partner, Kevin, and her will continue to work hard.

Also, she probably didn't want to get too close to him on that side to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. haha

Anonymous said...

Haha tats just my dream pair would be crazy if they ever got together in real life haha but I wouldn't mine her back with bosco either


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