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The annual TVB awards are less than 24 hours away and Three Weekly compiled a list of 40 artists on their choices for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. I actually can't make out all the names since it's kind of small, but you can easily make out the winners for each category.

  • Wayne Lai and Michelle Yim got the most votes for Best Actor/Actress. Not to take away anything from their votes (especially since I thought Wayne was fantastic in The Confidant), I notice that a lot of artists tend to choose the veteran actors. It could be because they really think they're the best, but I also think that it's just an "easier" choice for them since they don't have to pick between their friends.
  • Power Chan and Koo Ming Wah both had the most (and same amount) of votes for Best Supporting Actor. Nancy Wu's name is actually on there for both of them. This is a tough category because I think a lot of people would want them both to receive this award.
  • Nancy Wu had the most votes for Best Supporting Actress. Will she be able to sweep the awards this year since she already won at the Astro and Asian TV awards?
  • Moses and Aimee voted for each other in their respective categories.
  • For some reason, they only show Tavia's vote for herself but not in the other categories? She has stated that she will be voting for Kenneth for Best Actor.
  • Sharon Chan posted on her weibo her votes for Kenneth and Tavia.
  • Last year's Best Actress, Myolie Wu, picked Kenneth, Tavia, Koo Ming Wah, and Nancy.
This is actually not a very good list because it's not 40 of the same people showing their votes. It seems like they just filled each category until they got to 40 votes. Previous years had better lists, and TVB Weekly usually did one also. There was also one done by reporters last year in which they asked 50 TVB artists on their picks and it actually reflected the real results in which Kevin, Myolie, Ben Wong, and Sharon Chan won. 

Read below for my final predictions before the awards air later.

My final predictions: (This is not who I want but who I think will take the award.)
Best Series: The Confidant- It just finished airing and it had a lot of positive reviews and buzz. Unless people vote along the lines of who they picked for best actor/actress, I think The Confidant will win. If not, I can see The Hippocratic Crush or Highs and Lows taking it.

Best Actor: Raymond Lam
Dark horse: Kenneth Ma or Wayne Lai. I actually think Wayne has a big shot if a lot of older viewers actually do vote because they usually associate him with great acting. Kenneth and Raymond may end up splitting the younger vote.

Best Actress: Kate Tsui
I keep flip-flopping between who I think will win because it's so hard to guess how the HK viewers will vote. I think Tavia has more fans in general and she will also get a lot of votes by people who think it's her turn to get it (like my mom!), but Kate has had more buzz for her role. The media in general has also decided to back Kate and I can also see her getting a lot of Raymond's votes too because they are in the same series and he has also openly supported her. She has also been campaigning pretty hard to get votes. The move might seem a little "desperate" to some, but I admire her for really going for what she wants. I kind of wish that Tavia would campaign a little harder instead of just making weibo posts, because I do think that it can be viewed that she does not want the award as much as Kate and voters on the fence may ultimately choose Kate instead. 

Best Supporting Actor: Power Chan
Both his character and So Gei are pretty much loved by the audience, but Power Chan had a more complex task of portraying his character and he will hopefully be awarded for him. Also, his  character had a catchphrase and that always seems to help. haha

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu
Nancy's biggest competition is Elena Kong and even she has basically said that she is rooting for Nancy and that she's just happy for the support she has gotten. Nancy also has a lot of momentum winning 2 awards for this role and it will be great buzz for her and TVB if she were to make a clean sweep.  It will also be her 10th year at TVB and they gave Sharon the award last year on her 10th year.

Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung
He's been in a lot of series this year and he's basically had buzz in the beginning for L'Escargot, the middle for Tiger Cubs, and the end for The Confidant. Oscar better win!!!

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong
She is basically the best actress of all the other nominees. She better win too! Also, her and Oscar have been a popular pairing and it will help them bring in more money if they were to win the award together.  

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