2013 TVB Big Bowl Feast Pictures (Day 2)

Day 2 of the Big Bowl Feast happened the next day with artists and crew members who couldn't make the first day. 

The artists gathered for a big group picture.

Rest of pictures below...

Tracy Chu, Maria Luisa, Minnie Zhang, Tavia Yeung, Rebecca Zhu, Lin Xia Wei

Derek Kwok took a break from filming Vinegar Lady to attend.

They know the attention should be on Miss Lok when she makes the rounds.

Jacqueline Wong knows to go straight to the top- w/ boss Norman Leung.

Koni Lui is filming for Vinegar Lady also.

"Seun Poon" Kenneth Ma coming to eat some Poon Choi.

Johnson Li and Joey Meng take a break from filming their series. They look pretty good as a couple.

Grace Wong and Fred Cheng were performers yesterday so they get to enjoy the feast again today.

Nancy Sit and Wu Fong always bringing a smile to people's face.

Tavia placing her vote.

Future TVB King Chilam Cheung

Niki and Chilam were actually in the building filming an episode of Super Trio Maximus.

Rebecca and Lin Xia Wei. I can't tell if Xia Wei really grew out her hair that fast or if she has extensions.

Niki looking relaxed because she knows she doesn't really have a shot this year.

Seeing Kenneth and Joey next to each other makes me want a series with them paired up.

What an awkward smile by Jason...

Source: Sina
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