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I just wanted to put some random filming news all into one post.

Alex Fong Lik-Sun will be filming a TVB series in 2014. His last series he filmed with them was in 2004 called My Family (with Chung King Fai, Ha Yu, Rebecca Chan, Hawick Lau, Shirley Yeung, and Sam Chan). 

Nancy Wu will participate in Commercial Wars with Wayne Lai. She was not part of the sales presentation. The current Miss Hong Kong crop of Grace Chan and Sisley Choi will also take part in filming. 

TVB invited some stars from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to film a short series that will air from Chinese New year to Valentine's Day. Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam will film in Singapore for an "Urban" series. Linda Chung and Yeon Jung Hoon will film a "Happy" story in Korea. Kate Tsui, James Wen, and Chris Wang will film a "Sad" series. Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan, and Naomi Watanabe will film a "Cartoon" series in Japan. (This makes me think of Seasons of Love but with a bigger budget and more stars.)

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will be filming an ancient comedy series with Lee Tim Sing. Benjamin Yuen and Joel Chan will join the cast.

Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam will take part in the remake of Double Fantasies. The original starred Louise Lee who suggested Eliza for the role because of her cute look, so I now know who to blame.... :P
eta: Wayne Lai and Sonjia Kwok will also be part of the remake. 

Tracy Chu will be filming Battle of Tomorrow with Lawrence Ng and Kate Tsui. She said that she has the most scenes with Kenny Wong. This series, along with the Lee Tim Sing series and Double Fantasies, should begin filming in January.

Midas Touch (Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui) will finish wrapping up soon. The producer has said that there is a lot of current concepts in this series so it will be released as soon as possible so that it won't seem out of date if it is aired too late. I'm thinking it will air after the Chinese New Year in February or March. Return of the Silver Tongue and Coffee Cat Mama will be airing next. After that, Outbound Love and Meet the Daughter-in-Laws (a 15 episode series filmed specifically for the CNY time slot) will air. 


miriamfanz said...

Glad to hear Midas could be airing soon. Looking forward to Bosco-Kate-Nancy combo. Not looking forward to Bosco-Eliza pairing in CCM. Wonder if Louise Lee will take part in Double Fantasies remake since she was in original.

Rachel said...

oohh! Alex Fong will be filming a series? exciting! i don't know if i'm just being optimistic, but it seems like 2014 may be a better year for TVB, i'm looking forward to the series, and the CNY drama looks pretty good too hahah, i'm a sucker for korean/taiwanese actors =P

AC said...

@miriamfanz I'm looking forward to the Bosco-Kate-Nancy combo too. I also like a lot of the other stars in it like Sharon, Ben and Elena so it's one of my more anticipated series. I never watched the original Double Fantasies so I'm not sure what type of role she can play, but I think it'll be fun to have her in the remake as well.

@Rachel I'm looking forward to 2014 too! A lot of the poaching and people leaving happened during the filming of the 2013 series so I think things should be better now that everything has stabalized. :)

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