Congratulations Yeung Chiu Hoi!

Yeung Chiu Hoi recently got married to his longtime girlfriend who he started dating when he was 17/18. When I first saw some of the pictures, I thought that he was just filming for a series because there were also a lot of TVB stars and I thought that he was too young. However, he's actually 29 years old! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Here are some more engagement and wedding pictures. Can you spot all the stars that took part and went to his wedding?

Engagement Photos

Joey Law, Adrian Chau, Kaki Leung, and Cilla Lok were part of the wedding party. Hoffman Cheng, Christine Kuo, and Jason Chan were some of the wedding guests. 


Myolie is currently filming Vinegar Lady so she didn't have any time to change, but she took her 1-hour lunch break to go to the wedding. Myolie became good friends with Yeung Chiu Hoi during the filming of Triumph in the Skies II and sees him as a little brother. 

Linda also showed up in costume since she is filming The Big Apothecary.

Such a cute picture of Linda and Steven hugging!

Steven plays Chiu Hoi's big brother in Property Protector. Chiu Hoi has praised Steven for his attention to others while filming.

Evergreen Mak plays the other big brother in Property Protector.

Producer of When Heaven Burns and 4 In Love with Rachel Kan, Kenny Wong, and Florence Kwok. Chiu Hoi played the younger version of Moses in that series. 

Alice Chan

Louis Yuen

Katy Kung and Jason Chan filmed Be Home For Dinner together.

Elliot Ngok was also part of the Be Home For Dinner cast. 

Raymond Wong

Elaine Yiu and Kristal Tin. Kristal was also in the Be Home For Dinner cast and she remember Chiu Hoi once asked her what it was like to be married. 

Fred Cheng and Nancy Wu

Lee Yee Man and Leanne Li

Kenneth Ma

Oceane Zhu

source: sina

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Natalie Man said...

Ruco Chan was also attending- here's a funny video with Katy, Jason, Linda and Ruco where Linda didn't realise Ruco was attending (they're filming TBA together)

I can't believe he got married! He looks so young :D

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