2013 TVB Big Bowl Feast Pictures (Day 1)

Over 2000 artists and crew members gathered for TVB's Big Bowl/ Poon Choi feast. Managment announced that there will be at least a 5% salary increase as well as a bonus worth 1.25-2.25x their monthly salary.

Here are some pictures along with my own little commentary:

The A List table: Sharon Chan, Vincent Wong, Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, Kate Tsui, Kristal Tin, Linda Chung, Wayne Lai, Lau Dan, and Louisa So

More pictures...

Fred Cheng sang a song for entertainment.

Ruco Chan and Linda Chung are both number 12 on the ballot sheet.

Alice Chan mixing in some ancient and modern wear. 

Wayne Lai and Lau Dan

The Wu's and their honorary Wu sister- Mandy.

Myolie took a break from Vinegar Lady to join the dinner.

Come Home Love and friends.

Edwin Siu trying to bribe for votes.

Elena Kong has paired up with young siu sangs Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng. Maybe Oscar Leung should be next?

Most Improved Female candidates: Dark horse Grace Wong, front runner Eliza Sam and her opponent Priscilla Wong in an ugly hair cut, and Samantha Ko (who should have been nominated this year!)

Married couple Pal Sin and Paisley Wu

Future Most Improved Male Vincent Wong

Kate and Mandy

Sharon, Nancy, Kristal, Kate, Mandy

Dark horse candidate for Best Actress Kate Tsui

Future Best Actress Kristal Tin along with Law Lan

Love Sharon's hair here!

Is Oscar playing a villian in his next series?


Raymond Wong

source: Sina

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Rachel said...

hahaha i love your comments/captions for the pictures? agree with most of your choices for tvb anniversary awards! lol at your comment on oscar's hair! but it does seem like a villain style hahahah

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