2013 TVB Awards Ceremony Results and Red Carpet Pictures

Here are the results for the 2013 TVB Awards Ceremony! Congratulations to all the winners. I will be updating with pictures so keep checking back!

What are the results? Myolie is just as excited to find out! Click below...
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Siu Ming

Most Improved Male Artist: Vincent Wong
So happy that he won!

Most Improved Female Artist: Eliza Sam
Not a surprise since they are already moving her into lead roles.

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Bounty Lady)
He looks so happy! Love his role in Bounty Lady. 

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Triumph in the Skies 2)
So happy that she was finally able to get this award! She's always had strong roles every year and it is definitely her year with the very different roles in Triumph 2 and Bounty Lady.

Outstanding Artists Award:
Suet Nei
Mary Hon
Anderson Junior
Helen Ma
Lau Kong
Congratulations to all the recipients! For some reason, my initial thought for this year was Helen Ma so I'm glad I was right. haha

Best Informational Program: Pilgrimage of Wealth 2

Best Variety Show: Three Amigos Bon Voyage

Best Host: Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong
ugh.... Now I see why everyone is adding Sandy Yu to their Thank You's. :P

Best Drama: Triumph in the Skies 2
This was the highest rated series of the year and was very popular overseas as well. Very happy that they won!

Best Actress: Kristal Tin (Brother's Keeper)
I knew that she would get the most "professional" votes but was also pleasantly surprised that she was able to get the most viewer votes as well. Kristal truly shined in this role.

Best Actor: Dayo Wong (Bounty Lady)
lol.. what the heck. I thought it would be Francis once I saw that he showed up late. Dayo was actually 3rd in TVB Fun viewer votes. My guess is that Chilam was in 2nd place because 2nd place actually had the top viewer votes. My guess for 3rd place would be Kenneth Ma. (I need to know if Kenneth gave the :O face this year when he heard who won!) Dayo was not there to attend so Dodo gave him a call.

Favorite Female Character: Kristal Tin (Brother's Keeper)
She joins Charmaine Sheh and Kristal Tin to win both the Character and Best Actress award in one year. This was a 100% viewer voted.

Favorite Male Character: Chilam Cheung (Triumph in the Skies 2)
Cool Mor was definitely the most popular character to come out this year. He now has over 15 million Weibo followers along with his big jump in popularity. I think that people most likely voted for their favorite in both the Best Actor and Favorite Character so I'm sure that he had the most viewer Best Actor votes as well.

I'm happy with most of the results. I think the biggest surprise is Best Actor since I knew that Dayo was not going to attend and I think this is the first time that an award winner was not present? haha. I'm thinking that "professional" votes were split between Chilam and his Triumph in the Skies 2 co-star, Francis Ng, especially from those who worked with both of them on the series. 
To me, it was also obvious that Kristal has moved into one of the top fadan positions since she's been placed in the front row (even before Brother's Keeper aired), and the Best Actress award helps confirm it. 

source: weibo and Sina


Wayne Lai and Myolie Wu
I like Wayne's look including his jacket, bowtie and hair. Myolie looks very "ying" or cool with her swept back hair and white pantsuit. I just wish the black part on her jacket was not there. 

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung
Loving Kenneth's suit and hair. Tavia's dress is pretty but does not really stand out- I prefer her with her hair down.

Niki Chow and Bosco Wong
How is it that Bosco is in this picture and not the craziest dressed?! haha. In a way, I kinda love Niki's whole outfit because it is so unique, although it is not the most flattering thing for her to wear. Bosco looks dapper and he finally found a unique suit without going too overboard.

Kate Tsui and Ron Ng
I remember that Kate wore a metallic dress when she won Most Improved so maybe she thought it would be good luck. The top half looks too boxy and I wish the dress was sleeveless. Ron looks like a kid ready for Christmas but I kinda like this look too. Maybe it is too early for me in the morning and I just need some sleep. haha. I just think he looks really cute in red with the black bowtie.

Ruco Chan and Linda Chung
Another crazy suit that I actually like! I also like Ruco's white frames. I love Linda's hair and she looks really pretty but the dress is a little plain for my tastes.

Kristal Tin and Edwin Siu
Maybe they are trying to win Worst Dressed? :P I actually like Edwin in the all pink suit but the embellishments on the shoulder and side downgrades the whole look.
When I first saw Kristal, my first thought was "why is she wearing black?!" since black is a lucky color for ladies to win Best Actress, but she actually has some black pants/leggings underneath her dress. I'm so disappointed in this outfit because Kristal was a guaranteed winner, but her white dress is so unflattering. The dress's cleavage are is not a good fit and the black pants cheapens the whole look.

Vincent Wong and Nancy Wu
Nancy looks very cool and edgy. Vincent looks good in his suit and brooch.

Moses Chan and Louise Lee
Compared to the rest of the guys, Moses looks a little plain but I'm sure he doesn't mind since he just got the ultimate prize- a son! Louise's hair and makeup looks nice and she looks good in blue.

Oscar Leung and Grace Wong
Oscar kinda looks like a waiter with a long apron and that pose. haha. Now I'm sad that Bosco didn't wear another skirt too. Grace looks very youthful and the shoulders on the dress gives it a little edge. 

Dodo Cheng
Grand and elegant.

Kathy Chow and Lawrence Ng
I think they both actually look great, although I think Kathy should lose the gloves.

Elena Kong and Ben Wong
I know you can't see the front of the dress but you can just look up at her winner's picture. (Congrats again!!!) I think she looks pretty sexy and Ben looks cool in his all leather outfit, although his pants are way too tight.

Ben Wong and Mandy Wong
So happy that Mandy finally found a dress that works for her! Her looks usually tend to age her, but the red looks great on her. Ben looks handsome as well.

Elaine Yiu and Raymond Wong
That is a lot of skin for Elena. I don't think it looks bad but it does look a little tacky for an awards show. I like the leather patches on Raymond's pants.

Griselda Yeung and Lau Dan
Both look very elegant!

Louis Yuen and Sharon Chan
Is it weird that I think Louis is the best dressed male? I just love his bright hair and bright blue suit. Sharon looks beautiful and it's a different look for her since she's not showing off her legs. I just don't like the silver chains? that are hanging on the side.

Eliza Sam and Him Law
Eliza looks like a pretty princess. Her style reminds me of Linda. I don't like Him's shoes.

Johnson Li and Maria Luisa
They look so subdued compared to everyone else.

Ram Chiang, Katy Kung, Wai Ka Hung
This dress has way too many layers and fabric for a tiny girl like Katy. The two guys look too casually dressed.

Wong Cho Lam and Law Lan
Looking happy!

Otto, Maria Cordero, Luk Ho Ming

Pierre Ngo
Pierre's hair looks like a mullet... Sire's dress looks way too old for her. I guess she is trying to present herself as mature and elegant? Cilla looks like their teenage daughter. haha

King Kong, May Chan, Bob Lam
3 people who surely bring a smile to people's faces

Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong
Priscilla looks very pretty in her dress and love the side ponytail.

Jason Chan and Oceane Zhu
Oceane looks pretty although the dress didn't need the cut out.

Louis Cheung
Louis looks like he belongs in The Matrix but I think he pullis it off. Koo Ming Wah looks good in jacket with pink trimming.

Elliot Yue and Benz Hui

Lau Kong and Mary Hon
Mary looks very class and elegant.

source: Sina, weibo, tvb.com


Rachel said...

i was super surprised that dayo won! it seemed so out of the blue! i was also observing kenneth's expression and though he didn't have the :O expression this time, his reaction was still funny haha

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure Moses's baby was a son named Aiden, lol

AC said...

@Rachel I probably blinked and missed Kenneth's reaction. haha. He was probably prepared for a lot of outcomes including his own possible win, but not for someone who wasn't there. lol

@Anonymous thanks for the correction! I remembered the name started with an A but I blanked out on everything else. haha

Rachel said...

lol poor kenneth, he was so prepared this year to have a better facial expression, but tvb pulled another surprise on him hahah =P

Tuminh19 said...

Did catch Kenneth's facial expression this year when TV King was announced, lol, still hilarious. By the way, I think Ron looked handsome in what he was wearing, weirdly because I have never found Ron neither good-looking nor handsome

AC said...

@Tuminh19 I rewatched it just to see Kenneth's reaction and it was so cute because his eyes got big but he kept his smile. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sandy Yu is ex-ATV I think. Hence, with her in TVB, ex-ATV can fight for awards. Kristal, Elena and Benz serve ATV before. Even Ruco make it into Top 5 for BA. Hope to see Joey and Alice next year at the awards.

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