Myolie Wu's busy day

Myolie Wu had a busy day today. First, she started out early in the morning to help represent TVB for a charity walk. Then, she went to a promotional event before heading out to to promote her new series, Wish and Switch. The previous night, she went to Bosco's mom's 60th birthday party.

Myolie and Sharon Chan pose together for the Walk for A Million charity event. They were there to represent TVB along with some other artists.

Then, Myolie attended the Sunshine City "Splendid Art Spring Festival" event dressed in red. 

Afterwards, she attended an event to help promote her current series, Wish and Switch. Her and Johnson Li sang the theme song from that series.

videos via bw2046

Last night, she went to Bosco's mom's 60th birthday banquet.

Photos via The Sun, Weibo, Sina, ihktv and

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