L'escargot Promo Event

The cast of L'escargot had a promo event to celebrate their new series together. They had an average rating of 27 points, with a high of 33 for the scene where Oscar Leung slapped Mandy Wong.

More pictures-

Yoyo Chen is currently pregnant. She said that her husband, Vincent Wong, currently bought a new 4-door Audi to get ready to drive her and the baby around together.

Michael Miu is happy with the series and said that a lot of people have started calling him by his name in the series. He will soon head out to Las Vegas with Eric Tsang for a show and will try his luck at the gambling tables.

Linda Chung is happy for the chance to collaborate with Michael Miu.

JJ Jia said she had a good time filming this series.

Ron Ng hopes that his fans will not be so hard on his girlfriend. (They recently dug up younger pictures of her smoking and guy friends grabbing her chest.)
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I like this series so far, even though it can be a little depressing with all the bad luck this family seems to have. haha. 

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