Bosco Wong and Niki Chow at a mall event

Bosco Wong and Niki Chow were at a mall event the other day (which I think is pretty funny since Myolie and Kevin had an event together the day before. hehe) and they each received a kiss from a small kid. They were also told to feed each other apples which led Niki to feel embarrassed but Bosco did not have a problem and obliged. Bosco disclosed that he would like a boy and girl in the future but he has no plans currently to have kids.

The event organizers also led out 3 guys in a Raymond Wong, Moses Chan, and Michael Tse (her former and current co-stars) and asked Niki who her ideal guy was. She declined all 3 of them and said that 2 of them are married and 1 had a significant other. She would never want to be a third party.

Also, Bosco was at another event and asked about the prostitution rumors. He joked and said they didn't need to do that and that he would give her money if she wanted and found the rumors funny. (This is a cute clip. I like how Bosco jokes around when he has to answer silly rumors.)

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