Chok氣一族 Blessing Ceremony

The blessing ceremony for Chok氣一族 will include: Ruco Chan, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen, Kiu Bo Bo, Natalie Tong, Jason Chan, Leanne Li, Mandy Lam, Raymond Chiu and many others.

Updated with more pictures

The pairings will be: 
Ruco Chan and Kristal Tin

Jason Chan and Natalie Tong

Louis Yuen will pair up with Leanne Li.

Natalie Tong and Ruco Chan will portray brother and sister.

Kristal's wig for this series? I'm guessing it's to make her look younger. Did you know that she's only 34? That makes her younger than both Charmaine and Sonija. I would've have thought that she was older but maybe it's because she gives off a really mature vibe.

A lot of the cast is from the sitcom Be Home For Dinner so this is a little reunion for them.

pictures from weibo and ihktv


scalae3 said...

Be Home For Dinner + The Other Truth!!
I like the picture of Kristal and Ruco where Kristal has longer hair. Surprised about her age as well.

Not looking forward to this series though:(

AC said...

Yes, the other half of the main cast is from The Other Truth! There were rumors of a sequel but maybe because Tavia and Raymond Wong are busy with other series right now, they decided to use the cast for this series instead.

The cast doesn't really excite me but I tend to watch all TVB series so I'm hoping it'll surprise me. lol

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