Current Scandals and Rumors

1. This first one is from Sudden Weekly which is Hong Kong's version of National Enquirer and Globe, which means that they are trashy and have very little truth to it. It's saying that there is a prostitution ring which involves an actor acting as a pimp for his girlfriend who is also an actress. They use a phone card to communicate with their clients to see who is interested and describes the girls for sale such as a "leggy beauty at TVB" and a "goddess with a 36D figure". The names are blurred out but then they use pictures of rumored and official couples as some possible suspects.

It's pretty obvious that it's not any of these people because none of them are actually accused but they just wanted to use some famous names to get some more interest in this news story and sell more copies of the magazine. A few years ago, there was a scandal involving a "salty pork hand" at TVB and the gossip magazines featured a lot of leading TVB actors such as Kenneth, Raymond, Ron, Steven, and Joe Ma even though the description did not fit him. They even put Bosco as one of the suspects even though one of the clues was that the culprit was taller than him! Also, if they are making that much money, they would not be slaving away at TVB since all the lead actors and actresses are basically there from morning to night. If this story is true, it is most likely an actor and actress who is not super famous. (I believe the real/rumored culprit for the salty pork hand is Ellesmoire Choi since he was seen going into a "secret" meeting and then he has not been seen since.) They make the big money by making an appearance at events, not by being prostitutes. Check out the ihktv interview- there's a lot of pictures of TVB artists you may recognize mixed in with a bunch of nobodies. 

More scandals and rumors

2. A lady on Weibo is claiming to be a broker for Myolie Wu and Kingdom Yuen's filming in Mainland China.  She claims that she is not getting paid for her work which should be a 10-15% fee and slams the 2 artists. She is posting emails as proof, which is just emails of her contacting their managers (Myolie's manager is Fornia and her email is listed on her weibo page). Myolie clarified that she has not communicated with the accuser and only knows her as Kingdom's friend and does not know why there is this rumor. She also said that all work is arranged by her management.

If this lady is real, then it is really unprofessional of her to slam the artists who usually is not the one arranging work for themselves. That is the job of their manager since that's why they're getting paid for. Perhaps the lady had a breakdown in talks with their managers and that's why she's getting mad and decided to drag their names in the dirt as retaliation? She realizes that people will pay more attention if she accuses the artist directly. Also, if this was true, it would have been easier for her to go to a lawyer and sue instead of yelling at someone on weibo. That just makes it suspicious. Either way, I don't see how this is Myolie's fault- I believe that she is telling the truth since the managers arranges work for their artists.

eta: The broker has now clarified on her weibo that the situation with Myolie was just a misunderstanding and her agent has now clarified the issue to her. She admires Myolie's professional attitude. However, the situation with Kingdom Yuen has not been fixed.

Wow. that broker is really horrible. She should talk to them before smearing people on her weibo. It's obvious that her main problem was with Kingdom and she used Myolie's name to get the media's attention. Ugh.

3. Fala Chen is rumored to have been married since 2008 and her husband gifted her with a mansion in Georgia in the U.S. Fala clarified on her weibo that the mansion was not a gift although she didn't respond to the marriage rumors.

The mansion is rumored to cost $560,000 US dollars which is really a good deal! I think it is very believable that she could have got the house herself since she could have easily made the down payment. She is currently one of the top fadans at TVB and although they don't pay that much, she has endorsement deals and appears at a lot of functions. If she was just living off her husband's money, she would not need to work that hard since he's really rich. Also, even if he did pay for it, so what? If they are married, he can give her whatever he wants to. 

4. Jessica Hsuan (see below posts)

Jessica is headstrong and willing to speak her mind. However, some view that as her being a diva. If Jessica was a guy, no one would think twice about any of her actions, but she's expected to be meek and just nod along to everything just because she's a female. 

The main reason I wanted to make this post is because I think it's really hard to be a female in the entertainment industry. If you date someone richer, you are labeled a gold digger, but if you date someone with less money, they would say that you're dating someone beneath you. They are also constantly attacked because they think they wouldn't speak up for themselves. Also, tabloid items about females tend to sell more than male oriented news pieces. That's why they're always pitting fadan vs fadan but rarely anything about male artists fighting with each other. Guys definitely have it easier in the entertainment industry. What do you think?

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