Linda Chung's plan for the end of the year

Some people believe that the end of the world will be on December 21, 2012. Linda says that if this is true, she would prefer to take a vacation and spend the last day on earth with her family. When asked if would spend it with her boyfriend, she still said she would spend it with her family. She says that she will only disclose she is dating if the time is right and that she is in a stable relationship.

 More pictures of her filming Dangerous Protection-

Filming for Dangerous Protection pictures (bottom w/ Bosco Wong)

Source: the sun and oriental daily

When asked about the rumors of her dating Phillip Ng, she never denied it and said that she doesn't want to talk about her personal life. From her answer, I think that they probably are dating, especially since she said that she would like to get married before turning 30. I don't think she would say that if she doesn't have anyone in her life right now. They make a very good looking couple if true!

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