2011 Music Awards

I am actually not very familiar with the Hong Kong Music Industry since I do not live in Hong Kong, so I mainly know songs by TVB-associated artists. That's why I can't really judge how deserving any of these awards are, but I did want to compile them all together in one post.
-There are 4 main music awards. The Chik Chak 903 awards are mainly based on radio airplay on their station. The Metro awards give out the most awards and seems like it mainly gives them out as a form of engouragement. The RHTK awards are a mix of radio airplay and fan and critic voting. The JSG awards are sponsored by TVB and since they have been in a dispute with some record labels, their artists have been shut out from the awards. They finally came to a compromise but they were too late to compete.
-Most of these awards are based on attendance and if an artist does not show up, they are most likely not to receive an award.
-The newcomer scene is mainly dominated by Alfred Hui (contestant of The Voice season 1), Mag Lam (winner of The Voice season 2), and Joyce Cheng (daughter of Lydia Sum and Adam Cheng and she also acted in a few TVB series). Congrats to all of them. All 3 of them have really good voices. There is no clear cut winner between the 3 of them since each of the 4 main music awards gave out different results. Chik Chak ranked them Alfred, Mag, and Joyce. RHTK ranked them Joyce, Mag, and Alfred. Metro split them up between male (Alfred) and female (Mag and Joyce shared the award). JSG also split them up so Alfred received gold for the males while Mag got gold and Joyce got silver for the females.
-I already bought Mag Lam's cd but after listening to Joyce and Alfred singing their songs on the award shows, I ordered their cds.

What are your opinions on the results? Is there any songs or artists that you would recommend?

All the results:

2011 Chik Chak 903 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Results

Top 10 Recommended Song Awards
01. Khalil Fong - 好不容易 (Really Not Easy) (* Best Song Award *)
02. Vivien Wu - 那些年 (Those Years)
03. Eason Chan - 六月飛霜 (June Frost)
04. Paul Chan - Can't Bring Me Down
05. Joey Yung - 牆紙 (Wallpaper)
06. Ivana Wong - 末日 (Dooms Day)
07. Hacken Lee - 天河 (The Milky Way)
08. William So - 那誰 (Then Who)
09. Kary Ng - 我本人 (Me)
10. Endy Chow - 陽光燦爛的日子 (Bright Sunny Day)

Best Newcomer Awards:
Gold: Alfred Hui
Silver: Mag Lam
Bronze: Joyce Cheng

Best Singer-Songwriter Awards:
Gold: Khalil Fong
Silver: Endy Chow
Bronze: Ivana Wong

Best Male Singer Awards:
Gold: Eason Chan
Silver: Khalil Fong
Bronze: Pakho Chau

Best Female Singer Awards:
Gold: Joey Yung
Silver: Kay Tse
Bronze: Denise Ho (Hocc)

Best Group Awards:
Gold: C AllStar
Silver: Mr.
Bronze: Wild Child

Best Album of the Year Award:
Album: 15
Singer: Khalil Fong
Producer: Edward Chan, Charles Lee

My Favorite Male Singer Award: Eason Chan
My Favorite Female Singer Award: Miriam Yeung
My Favorite Group Award: C AllStar
My Favorite Song Award: Vivien Wu - 那些年 (Those Years)

Best Composer Award: Khalil Fong
Best Lyricist Award: Wyman Wong
Best Producer Award: Syu Man
Best Arranger Award: Eric Kwok


2011 Metro Radio Hit Music Awards Results

Metro's Top Hit Songs (not in any order)

1. Denise Ho - 癡情司 (Infatuation Department)
2. Ivana wong - 末日 (Dooms Day)
3. Richie Ren - 傾城之淚 (Tears from Everywhere)
4. Khole Chu - 投影 (Projection)
5. Endy Chow - 陽光燦爛的日子(Bright Sunny Day)
6. Ella Koon - 由他去 (He'll Go)
7. Mr. - 零時起哄 (Midnight Fever)
8. Kelvin Kwan - 別再躲 (No Longer Hiding)
9. Hins Cheung - P.S. I Love You
10. Hins Cheung - 壯舉 (Feat)
11. Joey Yung - 花千樹 (Flower Thousand Trees)
12. Twins - 3650
13. Charlene Choi - 年年 (Years)
14. Ken Hung - 藍色星球 (Blue Planet)
15. Vincy Chan - 有誰來愛我 (Who Will Come Love Me)
16. Edmond Leung - 一再問究竟 (Ask of Results Again)
17. Chilam Cheung - 戀上外星人 (Fall In Love With Alien)
18. Jade Kwan - 仍然 (Still)
19. Jason Chan - 尊嚴 (Dignity)
20. FAMA - 全民合拍 (Entire Population Cooperates)
21. Fiona Sit - 除下吊帶前 (Before Taking Off Straps)

Metro Radio Hits' Play Index Song Award: Kary Ng - 我本人 (Me)
Metro Radio Hits' Play Index Singer Award: Eason Chan
Metro Radio Hits' Song of the Year Award: Eason Chan - 苦瓜 (Bitter Melon)

New Stage Awards
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Female): Karene Mak / Abella Leung / Sammi Yip
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Male): Ricksen Tam / Wallis Cho / Alan Leung
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Group): MVG
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Band): WING'S
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Overseas): Juju Chan

Newcomer Awards
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Female): Mag Lam / Joyce Cheng
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Male): Alfred Hui
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Overseas): Gin Lee
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Singer-Songwriter, Female): Ngok Mei
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Singer-Songwriter, Male): Terry Zou

Metro Radio Hits' Song Adaptation Award: RubberBand - 陪著你走 (Accompanying As You Go)

Metro Radio Hits' Karaoke Songs:
* William So - 那誰 (Then Who)
* C AllStar - 2013的約定 (Meeting of 2013)
* Joey Yung - 牆紙 (Wallpaper)
* Raymond Lam - 讓我愛你一小時 (Let Me Love You 1 Hour)
* Philip Wei - 愛與痛的邊緣 (Borderline of Love and Pain)

Metro Radio Hits' Duets:
* William So/Andy Hui - 愛.不再 (Love . No More)
* Jason Chung/Karene Mak - 勾手指尾 (Hook Shot Pinky)
* Jason Chan/Phil Lam - 無限 (Unlimited)

Metro Radio Hits' Dance Songs:
* William Chan - Baby Don't Cry
* Stephanie Cheng - Kiss Kiss Kiss
* Vangie Tang - Boom Boom
* Ava Yu - 大華麗家 (Big Gorgeous Family)
* Yuri Chan - 波斯貓 (Persian Cat)
* Cherie Q - Hea

Metro Radio Hits' Leaping Forward Singers:
* Renee Lee
* Khloe CHu
* Hiromi Wada
* Takki Wong
* Miya
* Denis Ng
* Chita
* Jinny Ng

Metro Radio Hits' Dance Singers:
* William Chan
* Sherman Chung
* Tak Dik

Metro Radio Hits' Dance-Singer Group
* HotCha

Metro Radio Hits' Original Songs:
* Pear - 從未忘記 (Never Forgot)
* Hacken Lee - 孔明燈 (Zhuge Liang's Light)
* Purple Lee - 星光下的思念 (Longing For Under Starlight)
* Joyce Cheng - 半份關心 (Half Happy)
* Alfred Hui - 螞蟻 (Ant)
* Pakho Chau - Smiley Face

Metro Radio Hits' Singer-Songwriters:
* Pong Nan
* Eric Suen
* Wong Cho Lam
* Enrico Kwong
* Louis Cheung
* Pakho Chau

Metro Radio Hits' Swing Singer: Endy Chow
Metro Radio Hits' Hall Swing Singer: Paul Wong
Metro Radio Hits' Hall Singer: Jeff Chang

Song Production Awards
Metro Radio Hits' Composer Award: Khalil Fong - 牆紙 (Wallpaper)
Metro Radio Hits' Lyricist Award: Wyman Wong - 苦瓜 (Bitter Melon)
Metro Radio Hits' Song Producer Award - Alvin Leong - 我本人 (Me)

Metro Radio Hits' Albums:
* Hanjin Tan - 誰是陳奐仁 (Who Is Hanjin Tan)
* Chung Brothers - 齊唱‧吳秉堅之歌
* Paul Wong - A小調協奏曲 (A Minor Concerto)
* Khalil Fong - 15
* Various Artists - 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (Those Years, We Will Pursue Girls Together)

Metro Radio Hits' Album of the Year Award: Joey Yung - Joey & Joey
Metro Radio Hits' Stage Award: GEM

Metro Radio Hits' Mandarin Songs:
* Aska Yang - 懷珠
* Jing Chang - 正不正
* Khalil Fong / LaLa - 自以為

Metro Radio Hits' Popular Singer Awards:
* Sugar Club
* Shiga Lin
* MC Jin

Metro Radio Hits' Performance Awards:
* Ella Koon
* Stephanie Cheng
* Siu Fei
* Jonathan Wong

My Most Admired ....
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Female): Denise Ho
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Male): Khalil Fong
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Band): Mr.
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Group): FAMA
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Song: Kay Tse - 你們的幸褔 (The Happiness of You All)

Metro Radio Hits Female Singers:
* Kary Ng
* Jade Kwan
* Fiona Sit

Metro Radio Hits Male Singers:
* Hins Cheung
* Edmond Leung
* Chilam Cheung

Metro Radio Hits Band:
* Mr.
* RubberBand
* Dear Jane

Metro Radio Hits Group:
* C AllStar
* Benji & Lesley
* Suger Club

Metro Radio Hits' Singer Voted by Fans in the Country:
* William So
* Richie Ren
* Raymond Lam

Metro Radio Hits' Group Voted by Fans in the Country: TWINS

Metro Radio Hits' Asia Singers:
* Richie Ren
* Miriam Yeunng
* Hacken Lee
* Kay Tse
* Leo Ku

Metro Radio Asia Singer-Songwriter Award: Ivana Wong / Hanjin Tan
Metro Radio Hits Asia Sing-Dance Group Award: Twins
Metro Radio Hits Singers of the World: Eason Chan / Joey Yung
Metro Radio Hits Songs: William So - 那誰 (Then Who), Eason Chan - 六月飛霜 (June Frost)

Metro Radio Hits' 12 Anniversary Special Awards:
- Most Outstanding Honored Singers: Andy Lau / Sammi Cheng
- Most Outstanding Honored Group: Grasshopper
- Twins Love for 10 Years: Twins


2011 RTHK 34th Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Awards Results

Top 10 Song Awards
01. Eason Chan - 六月飛霜 (June Frost)
02. Ivana Wong - 末日 (Dooms Day)
03. Charlene Choi - 年年 (Years)
04. Kary Ng - 我本人 (Me)
05. Leo Ku - 爆了 (Explode)
06. Joey Yung - 花千樹 (Flower Thousand Trees)
07. Hins Cheung - P.S. I Love You
08. Vivien Wu - 那些年 (Those Years)
09. Kay Tse - 你們的幸福 (The Happiness of You All)
10. Chilam Cheung - 戀上外星人 (Fall For An Alien)
11. William So - 那誰 (Then Who)

Best Prospected Newcomer Award:
Gold: Joyce Cheng
Silver: Mag Lam
Bronze: Alfred Hui
Exceptional: Karene Mak, Abella Leung, Gin Lee

Outstanding Mandarin Song Award:
Gold: Vivien Wu - 那些年 (Those Years)
Silver: G.E.M - 我的秘密 (My Secret)
Bronze: Khalil Fong - 好不容易 (Really Not Easy)

Outstanding Singer Award:
Khalil Fong
Hins Cheung
Joey Yung
Kay Tse
Hacken Lee
William So
Miriam Yeung
Leo Ku
Eason Chan

Outstanding Male Singer Award: Eason Chan
Outstanding Female Singer Award: Joey Yung

CASH's Best Singer-Composer Award: Mr.

The Most Improved Singers of the Year Award:
Gold: C AllStar
Silver: Sugar Club
Bronze: FAMA

Best Singer of the Country Award:
Male: Eason Chan
Female: Na Ying
Group: Twins

Best Chinese Song Award: Khalil Fong - 好不容易 (Really Not Easy)
Most Popular Weibo Singer Award: Raymond Lam
Best Song of Asia Award: William So - 那誰 (Then Who)

Best Selling Singers of the Year Award:
Male: Eason Chan
Female: Joey Yung
Group: Twins

RTHK Golden Needle Award: Jenny Tseng (Yan Nei)


JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation 2011 Results

Top 10 Gold Song Award
Grasshopper - 華麗舞台 (Glamorous Stage)
C AllStar - 天梯 (Ladder to Heaven)
Ivana Wong - 水百合 (Water Lily)
*Raymond Lam - CHOK 
Edmond Leung - 一再問究竟 (Ask Again What's Happening)
Joey Yung - 花千樹 (Flower Thousand Tree)
Leo Ku - 爆了 (Explode)
Jade Kwan - 仍然 (Still)
Chilam Cheung - 戀上外星人 (Fall For An Alien)
Charlene Choi - 年年 (Years)
*Won the top Gold Song Award

Most Popular Mandarin Song Award
Gold: Twins - 3650
Silver: Raymond Lam - 讓我愛你一小時 (Let Me Love You For One Hour)
Bronze: Joey Yung - 最後情人 (Last Lover)

Most Popular Commercial Song Award:
Gold: Joey Yung - 澎湃 (Surge)
Silver: HotCha - 素顏假期 (Holiday Makeup)
Bronze: Mag Lam - 非凡 (Unusual)

Newcomer Impact Award: Sita Chan

Most Popular Male Newcomer:
Gold: Alfred Hui
Silver: Terry Zou
Bronze: RedNoon

Most Popular Female Newcomer:
Gold: Mag Lam
Silver: Joyce Cheng
Bronze: Abella Leung

Most Popular Group Award:
Gold: Grasshopper
Silver: C AllStar
Bronze: RubberBand

2011 Most Outstanding Performer Awards
Gold: Jonathan Wong
Silver: Wong Cho Lam
Bronze: Ella Koon

Most Popular Duet Award:
Gold: Jason Chung/Karene Mak - 勾手指尾 (Hook Shot Pinky)
Silver: Ken Hung/Sherman Chung - 傻瓜 (Silly)
Bronze: Barry Ip/Tak Dik 辣著生命 (Heat Up Life)

Most Popular Adapted Song Award: Mag Lam - 鳥籠 (Bird Cage)
Gold Song Gold Award: Raymond Lam - CHOK

Most Popular Male Singer Award: Leo Ku
Most Popular Female Singer Award: Joey Yung

Asia-Pacific Most Popular HK Male Singer Award: Raymond Lam
Asia-Pacific Most Popular HK Female Singer Award: Ivana Wong

Behind-The-Scenes Awards:

Best Composer: Deal Chong, Tang Chi Wai - CHOK
Best Lyricist: Wyman Wong - 花千樹 (Flower Thousand Trees)
Best Arrangement: Alex Fung@ the Invisible Men - 水百合 (Water Lily)
Best Song Producer: Harris Ho, Grasshopper - 華麗舞台 (Glamorous Stage)

All results compiled from: tvbnewsworld.blogspot.com


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