Myolie Wu and Johnson Li

Wish and Switch with Myolie Wu is currently airing in which she switches lives with Selena Li's character. Even though this series is airing during the Chinese New Year time, she is not worried about ratings and instead hopes that everyone likes this drama. 

When asked who in real life Johnson would like to switch lives with, he jokes and says Bosco! He would use the opportunity to ask Myolie out. Myolie would want to be Johnson because she finds him very funny. This is also the first time Myolie is pairing up with Johnson Li and she supports Johnson Li to be the next "housewife killer."

If there really is a site in which you can exchange things, she would wish for Kibby Lau's body.

I like Wish and Switch so far. It's a funny, light-hearted series and the cast is doing a good job. I do think it probably took too long for Myolie and Selena to switch bodies which might be why ratings went down the 2nd week. However, a lot of people do seem to enjoy it and that's all that matters. Also, it's ranked #1 on and Selena, Tina, Vincent and Myolie hold 4 of the 5 top spots on the artist rankings right now. 

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