Jessica Hsuan Radio Interview

Jessica Hsuan was recently involved in a scandal in which she was accused of being a diva and hard to work with while filming in a series in China. Jessica shot back and released a statement about the "7 Deadly Sins" while working there. You can read more about it at Jaynestars, but she also went on a Hong Kong radio station to clarify more about what happened. It's known that Jessica is known for going to work on time and just expects her coworkers to do the same, and that's why there are so many rumors about her being hard to get along with. I think she's also not afraid to speak her mind, which we should all applaud her for since a lot of people may view females as weak and quiet. I'm on her side on this one. She would not have even said anything if one of her co-stars did not try to smear her.

 You can check out the interview on todou.

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