Oscar Leung talking to troubled youth

When Oscar Leung was younger, he was very rebellious and he would steal and always get in fights. Now, he has a fresh start and a newer look on life and he wanted to share his experience with the younger kids and encourage them to stay positive.

That's very cool of Oscar to share his experience and encourage others to stay out of trouble. Oscar signed a contract with TVB about 2 years ago and he should have some prominent supporting roles coming up. I hope he gets some more chances in which he'll be able to shine.


Carolin Newmeyer said...

That's great. I just wonder what made him want a better one. Could it be that someone inspired him to change the way he behaves? A teen harboring positive behavior only shows that he has changed for good.

Georgine Roe said...

It takes one to know one. I believe that he can address the problems of the troubled youth faster because of his past experiences. On the other hand, the victims of such are more likely to listen to him because at some point, they were the same—they fell on the ground and felt the pain of being alone.

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