War and Beauty 2 Updates

The confirmed cast for War and Beauty 2 includes Sheren Teng, Ada Choi, Moses Chan, and Astrid Chan as seen in the trailer. The latest addition is Christine Ng. I am so happy for her because I think she is really underrated as an actress and am glad that she will take part in such a grand production. Elaine Yiu also confirmed in another interview that she will also take part, so that makes her one of the additions from the younger generation. I believe Kenny Wong is also confirmed since Producer Chik likes to use him. Some of the people from the original cast that is not returning includes Gigi Lai, Maggie Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, and Bowie Lam. I'm sure that people will be sad that the entire cast will not be back to film the sequel, but I think the most important return that they could have gotten is Sheren Teng so that's why I'm okay with the cast change. I wonder who else they will add to the cast? I think they have enough heavyweight female actresses so I wonder which actors they will get to fill the cast. Other than Elaine, what other younger actresses will they add? Christine Kuo was featured in the sales presentation but the last time she participated in an ancient series (Life and Times of a Sentinel), they ended up dubbing her voice. Is there anyone you want to see added to the cast?
Source: ihktv.

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