2011 TVB Series Rankings

Series                                                                     Avg. Ratings

*These stats have been taken from Wikipedia. This does not include the half-hour sitcoms.

-The series in red are ones that aired at the 8:30pm time slot and the series in blue aired at 9:30. It seems like an advantage to be aired at the later time slot.
-The general ratings may be down from previous years but a big factor is due to people watching these shows online including TVB's official streaming site: MyTV.
-No wonder TVB is planning a bunch of sequels next year. The highest rated series of the year was an indirect sequel and the 2nd highest rated is a spinoff of a popular character. The Rippling Blossom is the highest rated original series, and it aired around Chinese New Year.
-Forensic Heroes 3 and Curse of the Royal Harem had the highest peak with 43 points each.
-If you look at the ratings, it's no surprise that Myolie Wu won the TV Queen award. All of her series for 2011 ended up in the top 5. Congratulations!
-There are 3 sequels planned from the 2011 series. Ghetto Justice 2 finished filming, Miss Koo (a spinoff from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir) is currently being filmed, and there are plans for a sequel for The Other Truth.
-A Great Way To Care was originally warehoused and released overseas, yet it still produced good ratings and finished in the top half.

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