Miss Hong Kong 2012 (Fashion Post)

Congratulations to Carat Cheung for winning Miss Hong Kong 2012! Jacqueline Wong got 1st runner up and Tracy Chu (who looks like TVB artist/reporter Sarah Song to me!) got 2nd runner up.

I didn't really have a preference for who wins, but I thought Melanie was awful. The top 3 seemed to give the best answers and remained calm and elegant throughout the whole process. The winner was actually supposed to be chosen in the last 10 minutes through an audience vote. As soon as I heard that, I knew it was going to be a disaster because I knew their servers would crash and it did.

Anyways, there were many guests who were part of the event that included TVB stars (Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Ruco Chan, Wayne Lai, etc.), musicians (Kay Tse, Grasshopper, Alfred Hui, etc.), former Miss Hong Kongs, and superstars such as Andy Lau and Carina Lau!

Check out the various fashions below:

Christine Kuo and Wayne Lai
I loved the way Christine's dress moved and the color looks great on her. Wayne looks good but the vest makes his bottom half look a lot bigger.

Kay Tse
I loved the layering of the different necklaces and her makeup was beautiful. She looked like a princess with the slight hombre effect on her dress.

Jason Chan and Aimee Chan
Jason looks dashing and I'm so glad Aimee actually dressed up! However, the cut of her top makes her boobs look uneven.

Carina Lau and Andy Lau
They just exude elegance, even when Carina has a lot of cleavage going on.

Marianne Chan
I loved how her kimono dress stands out and the color combo works great on her.

Ben Wong and Shirley Yeung
Not many guys can pull of hot pink but Ben looks great! Shirley looks good too, except she seems a little plain compared to him.

Gem Tang and Hanjin Tan
I love Hanjin's :D smile. Not a fan of Gem's shoes and the color doesn't really work. 

Koni Lui and Kenny Wong
There are way to many ruffle layers on her dress and a beanie on the red carpet? No.

Edwin Siu and Mandy Wong
Edwin has a classic look going on, but the style and color of Mandy's dress ages her. Nothing stands out.

Vincent Wong and Samantha Ko
Love Vincent in all black. I think Samantha looks great but that's a lot of skin. You either show off the front or the back but both is too much.

Myolie Wu
I like that she's daring in her fashion choices but I'm not a fan of this outfit. I really like how the bottom looks, but I wish they kept it as a short dress. That, or the top needs to be less fluffy. I'm also not a fan of her lipstick.

Raymond Lam
Those pants need to go. They look like pajamas. Love his brooch though.

I actually don't know the names of the girls on the side but the middle girls are Rebecca Zhu and Whitney Hui.
These outfits look cheap and looks like bridesmaid dresses.

Sharon Chan and Ruco Chan
Ruco looks great, but he's worn that suit already (at the Starhub awards)! Great color on Sharon but I think her main priority in finding a dress was a long slit to show off her legs. :P

King Kong and Toby Chan
King Kong's suit reminds me of reflective tape. I don't really care about Toby's dress, but at least she has a great tan.

Chris Lai and Natalie Tong
I don't know why it was so hard to find a good picture of them! Chris looks nice in the suit but I thought Natalie looked really sexy in her dress. I love the style and how daring the back was. The below isn't the best picture, but it was the only one I could find. It looked great when I was watching the red carpet event.

What'd you think about the Miss Hong Kong results? What about the stars' fashion? Who did you like?
Leave your comments below!

Source: weibo and sina


lynne said...

Enjoyed reading your post! Haha the dress that Christine wore is similar to Linda's in 2012 for tvb's anni :) GEM's look is a bit too mature for her age...doesn't suit her. Totally agree with your that Ray should get rid of those pants *shivers*

AC said...

Wow, didn't realize Christine's dress is almost the same as Linda's! No wonder I like it. haha

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