Official 45th Anniversary Series

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
October 22- December 14, 2012 @ 8:30pm
Cast: Damian Lau, Idy Chan, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Elena Kong, Sire Ma, Mary Hon, JJ Jia, Vincent Wong, Ben Wong

The Confidant
November 5- December 14, 2012 @ 9:30pm
Cast: Wayne Lai, Michelle Yim, Maggie Siu, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu, Raymond Wong, Oscar Leung, Helen Ma, Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Kelvin Lee

So here is the upcoming schedule for the rest of the year:

8:30 timeslot
King Maker (currently airing, 28 episodes)
The Last Steep Ascent (begins September 17, 25 episodes)
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (begins October 22, 40 episodes)

9:30 timeslot
Ghetto Justice 2 (currently airing, 21 episodes)
Divas in Distress (begins August 27, 20 episodes)
Highs and Lows (begins September 24, 30 episodes)
The Confidant (begins November 5, 30 episodes)

*This means that Ruse Of Engagement (Ron Ng, Ruco Chan, Yoyo Mung) and Sergeant Tabloid (Michael Tse, Niki Chow) will not be aired before the Anniversary Awards. Although there's no word yet on the date of the award ceremony, it was on December 5th last year (the day after Curse Of The Royal Harem ended). I wonder if they'll have the ceremony after December 14th which is the day both anniversary series ends. 
The only switch I can imagine is if they air Sergeant Tabloid in place of The Last Steep Ascent. This will give both Michael Tse a boost if they wanted to push him towards TV King. Also, they recently re-filmed some scenes for Sergeant Tabloid so I thought they would air it soon. However, I don't know if I can imagine them pushing back Lee Tim Sing's series to December like they did last year. If I can make a switch, I would replace Divas in Distress with Sergeant Tabloid. Divas in Distress does not look very interesting to me. 


miriamfanz said...

Tim Gor was already unhappy last year about Bottled Passion airing in December. If they want to woo him back for Rosy Business 3, I doubt they're doing that again.

AC said...

Hi miriamfanz!

Yeah, they probably will keep The Last Steep Ascent in September to keep Tim Gor happy. I think I read that he already signed on for another year, but not full time in which he has 3 months worth of time off. No word if RB3 will be filmed next year though.

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