TVB Kings filming together

Moses Chan has been pulled out of the Amy Wong series to film a 30 episode (modern) grand production with Wayne Lai. No word on the female leads, but a lot of the current fadans are busy filming other series right now. I hope that they utilize Alice Chan for this series since I think she will look good with either guys.

Below are some other series that featured a pair of TV Kings.
1. Last One Standing with Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng (loved this series!)
2. Beyond The Realm of Conscience with Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng (this series was pretty boring and did not like either of their characters very much)
3. Various series with Moses Chan and Bowie Lam (honestly, I'm sick of seeing them in series together)
4. Upcoming series with Moses Chan and Wayne Lai- They actually filmed a few series together before but Wayne usually had the smaller supporting roles. This time, I would say that Wayne is ranked higher since he is a 2-time winner (and that his acting is much better)!

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