Sunny Chan returning after a year-long absence

Sunny Chan recently won one of the Favorite Character awards at Singapore's Starhub awards. In fact, it was his first award in 14 years! His last award was also in Singapore at the Singapore International Film awards where he won the Silver Screen Award for Best Actor for the Hong Kong movie, Hold You Tonight. This is why Sunny says that Singapore has been very good to him.

Although Sunny has only one series released this year, Greatness of a Hero was actually filmed in 2009. He actually has not been filming for over a year so that he can take care of his autistic son. The family did not realize how serious the situation was until a 1 1/2 years ago, so Sunny has been busy teaching him arithmetic and reading, as well as how to open up to others. He'll soon return to TVB to film 初五啟市錄, which is a pre-modern comedy, with Raymond Wong, Sonjia Kwok, and Lin Xia Wei.

Source: ihktv

I look forward to seeing Sunny on my TV screen again! I really like him and I definitely think he's under-rated. I prefer him in strong, serious roles such as Phoenix Rising and War and Destiny.


lynne said...

I totally agree that Sunny is an underated actor!!! I absolutely love him in War and Destiny! I did not like his role in...hmm, that series with Roger Kwok, Wax and Wane!!! anyways, like you said, definitely prefer him in those smart/serious roles :) Miss seeing him actually.

AC said...

Haha, I didn't like his role in Wax and Wane either. I don't like when they stick him in these unreasonable characters.

Sunny still looks quite young so it still looks okay when they pair him up with Linda or Myolie.

Anonymous said...

I also like Sunny in War and Destiny. It's a pity that these days his role is a weak person. I was so glad to see the poster of Curse of the Royal Harem as Sunny is the king. But again, he roles as the weak one. Hope in Days of Day he will get a strong character.

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