Starhub TVB Awards 2012 星和無綫電視大獎2012

《星和無綫電視大獎2012》得獎名單 StarHub TVB Awards 2012 Award List 頒發獎項

The four beauties: Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, Tavia Yeung

Check out who won! There's also a lot more pictures. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

我最愛TVB電視男角色  My Favourite TVB Male TV Character 

1. 宋以朗(陳豪飾),《天與地》 SUNG YI-LONG (Moses Chan), “When Heaven Burns” 

2. 張一健(馬國明飾),《On Call 36小時》 CHEUNG YAT-KIN (Kenneth Ma), “The Hippocratic Crush”

 3. 羅力亞(鄭嘉穎飾),《怒火街頭》 LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng), “Ghetto Justice” 

4. 蘇星柏(黃宗澤飾),《潛行狙擊》 SO SING-PAK (Bosco Wong), “Lives of Omission”

5. 道光皇帝旻寧(陳錦鴻飾),《萬凰之王》 Emperor TO KWONG, MAN NING (Chan Kam Hung), “Curse of The Royal Harem” (Yay! I love to see Sunny recognized!)

6. 布國棟(黎耀祥飾),《法證先鋒III》 PO KWOK-TUNG (Wayne Lai), “Forensic Heroes III”

 魅力體態獎 Star of Perfect Poise Award 徐子珊Kate Tsui

 最璀璨奪目女藝人獎 Most Glamorous Female Artiste Award 楊怡Tavia Yeung (I like her with the longer hair.)

 我最愛TVB綜藝節目 My Favourite TVB Variety 華麗明星賽“All Star Glam Exam”

 我最愛TVB大型綜藝節目 My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Special 萬千星輝賀台慶“TVB 44th Anniversary Gala”

 最佳男新人獎 Best TVB Male Newcomer 陳展鵬 Ruco Chan (haha, Ruco is in no way a newcomer but glad that he got an award to recognize his leap in popularity.)

 最佳女新人獎 Best TVB Female Newcomer 陳茵媺 Aimee Chan

 我最愛TVB電視女角色 My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
1. 關嘉樂(鍾嘉欣飾),《缺宅男女》 KWAN KA-LOK (Linda Chung), “L’Escargot” (I don't know why she didn't get nominated for her Yes Sir, Sorry Sir role instead since a lot of people loved that character. I thought a lot of people disliked her character in L'Escargot!)

 2. 姚可可(徐子珊飾),《潛行狙擊》 YIU HO-HO (Kate Tsui), “Lives of Omission”

3. 范子妤(楊怡飾),《On Call 36小時》 FAN TZE-YU (Tavia Yeung), “The Hippocratic Crush”

 4. 王思苦(胡杏兒飾),《怒火街頭》 WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu), “Ghetto Justice” 

5. 葉梓恩(佘詩曼飾),《天與地》 YIP CHI-YAN (Charmaine Sheh), “When Heaven Burns” 

6. 鍾無艷(陳法拉飾),《東西宮略》 CHUNG MO-YIM (Fala Chen), “Queens of Diamonds And Hearts”

飛躍進步獎女藝人獎 Most Improved TVB Female Artiste 李詩韻 Selena Li

飛躍進步獎男藝人獎Most Improved TVB Male Artiste 黃浩然  Raymond Wong

最佳活力獎Most Energetic Award 黃德斌 Kenny Wong

我最愛TVB主題曲My Favourite TVB Theme Song 《連續劇》容祖兒“Lian Xu Ju”, Joey Yung (Love this song! They really should add this award to TVB's Anniversary awards... as long as they don't just automatically award it to one of their own artists.)

我最愛TVB熒幕情侶My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple 陳豪、鍾嘉欣Moses Chan, Linda Chung (They won for Yes Sir, Sorry Sir but Moses didn't even really like her in that series! )

最佳笑容獎Best Smile Award 鍾嘉欣Linda Chung (She looks so pretty and just like a princess!)

本地傳媒最愛TVB劇集Singapore Media's Favourite TVB Drama 怒火街頭

 我最愛TVB女藝人 My Favourite TVB Actress 胡杏兒 Myolie Wu (Yay, congratulations!)

 我最愛TVB男藝人My Favourite TVB Actor 鄭嘉穎 Kevin Cheng (Congrats!)

 專業精神獎Professional Spirit Award 胡楓 Woo Fung

 我最愛TVB電視劇集My Favourite TVB Drama 《天與地》“When Heaven Burns” (This was my least favorite of the series nominated :P )


Other Pictures:
Tavia looks really pretty except I wish the dress didn't have the belt buckles. Kenneth looks good in this outfit, although it looks very casual.

I like the design but the dress is so shiny in pictures! It looks better in video.

Pretty as always but the makeup looks a little off.

This dress looked better in motion. 


Mose's vest is... interesting. :P

So handsome!

Credit: Starphoto, ihktv, weibo


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@AC:Really like your work,always very nice,special Awards....Love it.

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the couple award is bs.

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Im a big fan of Fala Chen! (Chung Mo-Yim, Queens of Diamonds and Heart!)

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