Ghetto Justice 2 Review/ Final Thoughts

I just finished the whole series and decided to give you my thoughts. There might be some spoilers but I tried not to give anything big away.

Random thoughts:

  • Consistency! This series felt like a true sequel and I feel like if you combined part 1 and 2 together, you would not think it's 2 different series. The characters felt true to who they were in the original and they also cast a lot of the same minor characters and added lots of details that made you think of the original.
  • Kevin and Myolie: I love their chemistry and they were so fun to watch. Due to their friendship, they were able to have fun with their relationship and pushed the boundaries with the straddling and slapping each other's butt (well, for a TVB series.. haha). The beginning of the series showed their fun side, and the finale showed just how much they loved each other without being too mushy. There were many memorable scenes from them.
  • Kevin/Myolie/Christine love triangle: It was different than what I thought it would be because it wasn't really about the 2 girls fighting for Kevin. Most of the problems that came between Kevin and Myolie were when they disagreed about a case, but they would never stay mad at each other for long. Because of this, Christine's character was pretty useless since she was never really a threat. I think it would have worked better with a better actress. 
  • Sam Lee and JJ Jia: Their relationship was so sweet, especially since they both went through the same thing with losing a loved one. My favorite scene is when JJ followed Sam around after he found out his mom died, and how she was there to pick him up.
  • Raymond/Crystal Li/Jazz: This love triangle was more light-hearted since you just see both Raymond and Jazz chasing after Crystal. She was there for both of them when they needed help and so they both developed crushes on her. I was glad she didn't pick anyone (yet) because it didn't really show her liking one guy more than the other so it makes sense that she needed more time to decide.
  • This series seemed to have more focus on social injustice more than court cases. I think that people who want to watch a law series might be a little disappointed, but I didn't mind since I like this series due to the different characters and the actual stories it told.
  • Other than the main actors, the minor characters all had a time to shine, especially: Myolie's mom, Sam's dad, the pregnant mom, etc.
  • Though there were only a few cases, I found them really captivating, especially Raymond Cho's case and the Kirby Lam as the pregnant woman.
Kevin Cheng: I really liked his dramatic scenes, especially in the finale. He did a great job with his speech in the courtroom. I also loved all the little touches he added to his character in his scenes with Myolie such as rubbing his head on her shoulder and then doing the same thing to Jazz. haha
Myolie Wu: I'm so glad they kept her character strong and independent, even when she is attached to someone. I was so afraid they were going to make her more feminine now that she was in a relationship. I thought she was great in the first one, but I think her acting is definitely better in this one. Her scenes at the end with her mom and then with Kevin in jail were heartbreaking, but I loved how she portrayed a confidant yet tough female lawyer.
Sam Lee: He really shined, especially in the scenes after learning of his mom's death. 
Jazz Lam: My favorite scenes of him was when he played the judge for Crystal's case. I thought he was going to judge lightly because the lawyer was a girl he liked, but his final decision was fair and impartial. I really enjoy his character.
The actors not fluent in Cantonese: Of all of them, Christine was the worst. She did not know how to emote or enunciate. Even when she didn't have any lines, she was awful. How can one person run so ugly?! Even though King Kong was hard to understand too, at least he had a tempo in his speech and was able to convincingly portray a polite gentleman. Stephen Wong is still a little stiff, but he has also greatly improved. His Cantonese has gotten a lot better so I hope he continues to improve! This series is probably JJ's best performance to date. She was easy to understand and had great chemistry with Sam.
Evergreen Mak: Damn, he makes a great villian.
Elena Kong: I wish they showed more of her. Her raspy voice is very enchanting.
Crystal Li: She's another newbie. Although her acting is a little stiff, she has a great smile and is a lot more likable than Christine. If they really wanted to push Christine to a higher status, they should put her in simple, cute roles so that the audience can like her first.

Overall, I really loved both the original and the sequel. They didn't kill or destroy any of the main characters, and there was actually a happy ending! There was great acting by the main actors as well as minor ones, with Christine being the weak link in the series. If you're expecting the focus to be on the cases, this series might not be for you. However, if you wanted to know more about Kris, Law Ba and his buddies, as well as the residents of Sham Siu Po, along with different types of social cases, then you will enjoy this series. Ghetto Justice 2 is great drama mixed in with some comedic elements. I really enjoyed the series. :)


Ann said...

I agreed I loved this part as much as the first's to number three I would be great if this turned out to be like files of justice I loved that series and I can see this one being like that...btw love your website...thank you

AC said...

Thanks Ann!

My only fear for a third part is that they kill more people off. lol
Other than that, I would just want another sequel because I really love this cast. :) If not, I think it was a great way to end the series.

Ann said...

Haha to me a great ending would be Kevin and myolie wedding love them as a pair...hoping they can be the next golden couple...

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