JJ Jia accidentally becomes a third party

Hong Kong action star, Fan Siu Wong, has recently been pursuing JJ Jia who was rumored to have recently broken up with Sammy Sum. However, the media recently uncovered that he has actually been married for 10 years and has a 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son!

JJ accepted a telephone interview with TVB to explain the situation. She admitted that they were in the beginning stages of a relationship after meeting each other in March at Timmy Hung and Janet Chow's wedding. She did not know that he was married and was only clued in when the media alerted her. JJ says that she is just a normal girl looking for love and would like her partner to be a good guy with a clean conscience. She can not accept that he is already married and she is a victim in love. You can watch the interview here: VIDEO

Source: ihktv

Poor JJ! She seems like a very sweet girl who seems to keep getting her heart broken. I believe her when she says that she was not aware he was married, especially since the media just found out! Fan Siu Wong is basically scum for deceiving JJ, his wife, and his kids. I hope JJ finds a better guy soon! 

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