TVB Artist Glossary (Males A-C)

There are a ton of artists listed on You would probably know the name of the lead actors but may not know all the supporting actors, green leafs, minor actors, hosts, musicians, etc. I'm going to attempt to go over all the artists that they have listed and give a brief description of each of them based on what I know and see of them. I say attempt because there are over 350 people and I have no idea when I'm going to finish or if I will even remember to complete this but I'm going to start off with the guys.

MC Jin- Winner of Most Improved Award at the 2011 TVB Awards. He'll soon be seen in Highs and Lows although I don't know how much further he'll develop in Hong Kong since his new baby was born and he mainly resides in the U.S. now. 

More Male Artists- Last names A-C

Stephen Au- He's mainly a supporting actor although he does get some 2nd lead roles. His last biggest role was in Be Home For Dinner where he played one of the male leads in the sitcom.

Brian Burrell- Since he is the only Caucasian male at TVB, he plays a lot of the foreigner roles when required. He plays a lot of minor roles although he looks like he might have a bigger role in the upcoming Detective Columbo.

William Chak- A former Mr. Hong Kong who definitely seems to be promoted by TVB because of his good looks. He's had a few supporting roles so far, but he's in the popular Tiger Cubs and has lots of screen time in the upcoming Sergeant Tabloid.

Angus Chan- former contestant on The Voice 3. I'm not sure where he's going to develop but I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in some little brother roles soon.

Calvin Chan- A former Mr. Hong Kong winner in the youth category. You probably best know him from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir as the student that was not part of K4.

Hong Kin Chan- He's originally from the first season of The Voice, but you may mainly recognize him as one of Ruco's coworker buddies in No Good Either Way.

Jason Chan- He's a popular rising siu sang due to his commercial appeal. He may seem young, but he's actually 35, which is older than a lot of the current siu sangs! He started off as a host/presenter due to his proficiency in English and had many small acting roles. His first series as the male lead has just completed in which he'll play Linda Chung's love interest in Blissful Ferris Wheel. 

Kelvin Chan- He does not look familiar to me at all so I have no info on him right now. Oops? :P

Kwong Yiu Chan- I have no idea who he is either.

Moses Chan- Winner of the 2002 Most Improved Award and the 2007 TVB King
His fame skyrocked due to War and Beauty and is probably the richest of the TVB actors that do not go to China to film. He tackles a variety of roles from comedy to drama. I prefer his dramatic side since I think he tends to portray all comedic characters the same.

Oscar Chan- Due to his baby face, he gets cast in a lot of little brother roles. 

Otto Chan- A former 2006 Mr. Hong Kong winner in the "Maturity" category. He's mainly a supporting actor right now but he did garner attention for his supremely fit body in Gloves Come Off. He is currently engaged to Law Lok Lam's daughter. If there is a Tiger Cubs 2, they should definitely cast him!

Penny Chan- Former contestant on The Voice 2. He had a memorable duet with Mimi Lo which basically revitalized her music career due to her powerful performance. His first acting role was in Sergeant Tabloid in which he's featured in the first few episodes. I can see him doing well because he's a good looking guy. 

Ruco Chan- After returning from ATV, he started off in supporting roles- most of them as the villian. His first lead role was in The Other Truth in which he was a standout and is now one of the leading siu sangs. 

Joel Chan- He basically gave up his promising acting career to follow his rich girlfriend everywhere. :P His next (and probably last) series will be aired soon- The Last Steep Ascent.

Sunny Chan- One of the most stable actors at TVB right now. He plays a lot of naive roles, but my favorite role of his is when he played the serious detective in Detective Investigation Files 4. After taking a year off to take care of his autistic son, he'll soon return to film a pre-modern comedy.

Wing Chun Chan- You probably don't know his name but I'm sure you recognize his face since he's had many roles ranging from cameo to supporting actor in so many series. I think you'll probably see him in more prominent supporting roles soon since so many green leaf actors had left.

Daniel Chau- One of the twins from The Voice. Daniel and Adrian have been in a few series together but they've also been in separate series as well. Daniel has been in Tiger Cubs, No Good Either Way, and will be in Love Seasons.

Adrian Chau- He seems to have more filming opportunities since he was in Ghetto Justice 2, Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles, and will also be in Triumph in the Skies 2. I can't tell them apart so I have no idea who's acting is better!

Victor Chen- Another former contestant of The Voice. He was one of the 4 Voice contestants who sang the theme song for Gun Metal Grey.

Fred Cheng- He's another supporting actor that seems to be cast in a lot of younger brother roles. One of his more memorable roles was in Forensic Heroes as Yoyo Mung's brother. He's also a talented musician and I think he primarily acts to bring exposure to himself and his music. 

Hoffman Cheng- He plays a lot of minor characters so you've probably seen him in many series as well. He just completed filming for The Justice of Life. 

Jackie Cheng- He doesn't look familiar to me.

Jason Cheng- He's a former Mr. Hong Kong contestant who mainly joined so that he can enter the entertainment industry.

Kevin Cheng- Although he won the Best Actor award in 2006, his popularity skyrocked in 2011 with his role as Law Ba in Ghetto Justice as well as his 8th prince role in Bu Bu Jing Xin. He was awarded the TVB Best Actor, Favorite Male Character and popularity award and became the highest paid TVB actor. His previous roles consisted of him portraying a gentleman , although he also took risks with his role in Last One Standing and The Ultimate Crime Fighter. He is currently in China filming the tv version of Ip Man.

Rocky Cheng- Another former Mr. Hong Kong. He's had small roles where he usually plays the dumb beefcake. He is currently filming Triumph in the Skies 2 in which he plays an airplane technician.

Timothy Cheng- He's a supporting actor who portrays a lot of villainous roles. 

Aaryn Cheung- He recently graduated from the 25th training course and will be in The Hearts Pathway GPS.

 Albert Cheung- No idea who he is.

KK Cheung- A green leaf who gets a lot of good roles because he is such a great actor. I really loved him in Curse of the Royal Harem as the evil yet loyal eunuch. 

Owen Cheung- Another graduate of the 25th training course and he is currently filming The Hearts Pathway GPS.

Russell Cheung- He's had a lot of minor roles in different series but not big supporting roles so far.

Stanley Cheung- He started off as a host for various programs, until his popularity soared due to his memorable role as Ka Ming in When Heaven Burns. Since then, he's been boosted to bigger supporting roles such such as The Hearts Pathway GPS which he is currently filming.

Vincent Cheung- Another actor you may have seen since he has a lot of minor roles.

Jonathan Cheung- His first big role was in Three Kingdoms RPG where he went from kelefe to one of the audience's favorite characters as the lovable and loyal friend. I can see him getting some bigger supporting roles in the future. 

Yuang Cheung- Another graduate of the 25th training course who will portray a pilot in Triumph in the Skies 2.

Ram Chiang- He started out as a popular singer/songwriter before he quit the music business. Instead, he focused on actor and I really love a lot of his roles. I like when he plays adorable characters such as the uncle in Witness Insecurity. He usually has a lot of big supporting roles.

Chin Ka Lok- Host, Stuntman/director, and actor. He loves to race and will soon get married to Angela Tong. He does more acting in movies, but when he films for TVB, he usually plays the lead in smaller productions.

Mason Chiu- A graduate of their training course and he's had some small roles in various series.

Raymond Chiu- A supporting actor who gets smaller roles in regular series, but has bigger roles in their sitcoms. I think he's been in every sitcom since 2008. I actually prefer watching him in sitcoms.

 Raymond Cho- One of their more popular supporting actors. Due to his youthful appearance (he's 46!), he plays a lot of younger roles. His most popular role was probably Healing Hands but I loved him in Ghetto Justice 2. 

Vin Choi- He seemed promoted in the beginning because he was one of the main characters in the sitcom, Off Pedder, as Esther Kwan's son, but he plays a lot of minor supporting roles now. 

Jarvis Chow- one of their entertainment reporters

 Brian Chu-Best known for being part of K4 from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir but I think he's actually a pretty bad actor right now.

William Chu- no idea

Kyle Cui- The Voice 3 contestant
Okay, so I'm done the first part which took a really long time! It was kinda fun but I'm not sure when I'm ever going to finish this since I have a long way to go. I need to set aside time to start the next batch.

Do you have any information on the various guys I didn't recognize? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on any of these actors. 


Anonymous said...

Raymond Cho, 46 years of age?!?!?!?!?!?!
He must be hiding some secret ancient youth manual or something up his sleeves!!!

AC said...

I know! He still looks so young and he often plays roles that are 10+ years his actual age. I think it helps that he is such a happy guy. A lot of TVB artists love him.

scalae3 said...

Kelvin Chan is the guy who played Elaine Yiu's fiance in Bottled Passion.

Jackie Cheng - I only remember him from one series and that is Ghetto Justice (the 1st one). I don't know if you remember but he was in the first case (the case with Claire Yiu) and he was the brother of the victim... yah that's pretty minor

Albert Cheung - I remember seeing him in Three Kingdoms RPG but don't remember exactly what role he played, just know that he was one of the advisors.

Anyways, interesting post :)

AC said...

Thanks for the info scalae3! Wow, you're really good with faces. I didn't recognize those guys at all.

Aile-chan said...

This is a great list! Raymond's 46?!
Also, it was Daniel Chau that took part in Getto Justice 2, not Adrian. ^0^

Aile-chan said...

This is a great list! Raymond's 46?!
Also, it was Daniel Chau that took part in Getto Justice 2, not Adrian. ^0^

Anonymous said...

Come on, continue the list D onwards ...

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