Myolie praised for her tears in Ghetto Justice 2

(Spoilers ahead!)
Article via: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
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Last night the two hour finale aired, but the Ghetto Justice fans were still actively discussing. It was a happy ending, but some people had doubts on the Law Ba's murder case. In the series, Law Ba killed Dai Chiu Long (Evergreen Mak), but used "self-defense" as a reason, and the court eventually ruled him not guilty. Netizens actively discussed online, stating that there is no legal evidence that this could happen.

Netizens praised Myolie's valuable tears. In the two hour finale, Myolie cried 9 times and cried 9 different ways. She displayed expressions of pain, helplessness, guilt, panic, etc. Netizens said her performance was just perfect.

What do you think about the last verdict? I do think if this was a real scenario, a not-guilty due to self-defense is a realistic verdict. However, you would need a good lawyer to convince the jury to be on your side. Since Law Ba is supposed to be a brilliant lawyer, he probably brought up the right points on why Myolie's mom's life was at risk if he did not react right away. He also had Evergreen's son speak on his behalf to testify that his dad was capable of murder. Although the jury is supposed to decide just based on the facts, they are real people with emotions who might have sided with Law Ba after hearing Evergreen's own son talk about the horrible things. There's a reason that lawyers ask witnesses questions that they know will lead to an "objection!" because if it's removed from the record, the jury can not completely erase it from their mind and that could sway their judgement. Also, this is just a drama so I would want a happy ending! haha. If the verdict had been guilty, I'm sure there would have been a ton more complaints.

Myolie had previously been criticized for her crying skills, but I think she has greatly improved in that area in the last few years. I actually think a lot of actors currently only have one "cry", in which they are just loud and yelling through their tears no matter the situation. Myolie has been guilty of this in the past, but after the criticism, she worked on her skills since she now knows that you can't be complacent in acting. The last 2 episodes in Ghetto Justice 2 displayed this by portraying her emotions appropriately in the different situations, thus making it more touching when she did cry. I think her performance in this series is one of her best to date. 


Ann said...

Myolie and Kevin top five for best actress and actor dk if they will win but here's to hoping they at least win favorite character I mean tv king and queen last yr with three awards each and this yr none no way would tvb let that happen rite

AC said...

I think they'll both get into the top five, but their chances are slim to actually get the favorite character award because they basically swept all the awards last year. lol

I wish they brought back the best couple award because they should get that!

Ann said...

Definitely their chemistry is great they r now one of the golden couple at tvb well in my book they r haha

Yian said...

I'm very happy that people are complimenting her crying scenes instead of saying she looks 囧!

Like Ann, they are also a golden couple in my book :)

The court verdict thing might be unrealistic, but at least L.A doesn't go to jail and we have a happy ending! I guess I'd rather that!

AC said...

Yian- Myolie's improvements in her crying is definitely seen in this series. :) Also, I'm just glad for a happy ending too!

LynneD. said...

Haha I'm one of those who is not really satisfied with the ending. But agree that Myolie's crying have definitely gotten better!! I thought she did great!

AC said...

Lynne- I think after watching 3 Kingdoms, Masters of Play, and Witness Insecurity, I was just glad there was a happy ending! haha

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