New Upcoming Series

1. Producer: Lam Chi Wah (Tiger Cubs, Highs & Lows, Wish and Switch)
Filming: October
The cast will include Selena Li and Sharon Chan so far. Sharon previously stated that this will be a modern series.

My guess for the male lead would be Michael Tse since he doesn't having upcoming series planned. A lot of the other male leads at TVB are busy filming other series, Raymond Lam will be concentrating on his music for the rest of the year, and Roger Kwok usually splits his filming time between China and Hong Kong. 

2. Producer: Tsui Ching-Hong (War of Genders, To Catch The Uncatchable) He has not filmed for TVB these past few years.
Filming: November
Cast: Wayne Lai

A Great Way to Care is supposed to end filming in October so Tavia Yeung is a possibility for female lead. They were supposed to film Detective Columbo together but Tavia had a prior filming engagement so she couldn't do it, but I think they would be an interesting pair. Otherwise, I am hoping for someone a little older like Alice Chan, Joyce Tang, or Christine Ng. Bobby Au Yeung is also supposed to film a series before the end of the year and a Bobby/Wayne series would be amazing!

What are your guesses for who might join these casts?


lynne said...

I agree that I'd want some one older to be with Wayne :) A series with Bobby and Wayne together would be epic!!!

AC said...

I wouldn't even care who the female lead if there is a Bobby/Wayne series. hehe

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