The Voice 3 (超級巨聲3) Finale

I didn't realize that it was the finale already! There were 6 contestants left and after they each performed, the judges picked 3 of them to go to the finals and the last spot was fan voted in.

Here's 譚嘉儀 Kayee Tam's first performance of the night:

And the winner is...

1st place: Jerry Liu! Congratulations!
2nd place: Jay Fung
3rd place: Kayee Tam
Fan Voted Most Popular: Jay Fung
Most Improved: Kayee Tam

Fan Voted Favorite Performances:
1. Jay Fung w/ Sheldon Lo "I'm Yours"

2. Jerry Liu "我的天"

3. Kayee Tam "多得他"

(I think this performance was the turning point for her.)

Here is Kayee's other song that she performed- Open Your Eyes

Congratulations to all the contestants. Although Kayee was my favorite, I'm glad that she placed 3rd. The other 2 performed great all season and deserved their first and second place. I hope they all get recording deals and come out with a cd. I will definitely support them.


LynneD. said...

I don't watch the show...but omg! I'm Yours is a fav. song of mine!! Haha xD Also, Kayee have a very...unique voice.

When she sang "多得他". It kinda remind me a bit of G.E.M. for some reason :)

AC said...

Yeah, she reminds me of G.E.M. because of her R&B side I think.

I like watching reality singing competitions. :)

I think that I'm Yours performance was one of the highest scoring performances!

Anonymous said...

Jay and jerry definately deserved those places. Jerry was filled with techniques and emotions and jay was just amazing! The "pk" that turned into a duet was the best.

AC said...

Yup, I definitely agreed with the final results. I think the results were fair and correct.

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