More TVB Awards Rumors!

Ben Wong (Lives of Omission) is rumored to get the Best Supporting Actor while Ruco Chan will get Most Improved Male (but that's kinda obvious). Other competitors going up for for Supporting Actor is Pierre Ngo and many other veterans including Law Lok Lam, who gained worldwide recognition for dying 5 times within 72 hours in 5 different series.

Best Supporting Actress will be between Sharon Chan and Nancy Wu, with more buzz around Sharon Chan right now. I would be happy with either of them getting it but I'm thinking Sharon has a higher chance since she's never received an award before. Also, she'll be in her first leading role along with Fala and Roger. Other nominations will include Aimee Chan, Helena Ma, Mannor Chan, Natalie Tong, and Vivien Yeo. No rumors for Most Improved Female yet.

Who are your choices for Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Most Improved Actor/Actress?

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