Random TVB Couples

Matthew Ko and Tracy Ip were recently caught together going on a date and they are rumored to be dating.

 They recently attended a wedding event together, where he pretended to propose to her.

However, before rumors of Tracy and Matthew popped up, a TVB actor who you might recognize for playing small roles in series named 韦家雄 was rumored to be chasing/dating her. Now he's rumored to be chasing/dating Rachel Kan instead.

Source: Weibo and Apple

This is interesting if this is all true. Tracy Ip had a reputation for being a gold-digger because she had lots of property and she claimed to make a lot of money from the stock market, although many people thought it was because she chased after wealthy men. However, a lot of this was fueled by one of her Miss HK rivals, Erica Yuen, who might have been badmouthing her due to jealousy or to gain attention. Maybe the rumors were never true, or maybe she realized that money does not equal happiness. As far as I know, neither of those actors that she's rumored with is particularly wealthy or famous. If she wanted to date someone for fame, she would have aimed a lot higher. I do think Tracy and Matthew would make a cute couple though. 

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