Curse of the Royal Harem Episode 1-9 Thoughts

Random Thoughts:

  • This show is getting really good with Jessica finally fighting back! Jessica's character was a little boring to me in the beginning, but I'm glad that she's finally taking a stand! The other scene I really liked with Jessica was when she was with Sunny and he thought he was going to die.
  • I think Myolie's character is not very likable so far, but I think she's doing a really good job with her role playing a bratty and immature empress. I totally cackled when Nancy was freaking her out and got her to confess her wrongdoings, but I wish that Myolie suffered some more. I also really like seeing her with Joel because I think you see the real her, instead of what her mom wants her to be.
  • People need to stop complaining about what their ages are supposed to be and how Jessica's role is supposed to be younger than Myolie's and blah blah blah. It's a story, not a documentary.
  • I also like Jess Shum and Vivien Yeo's bickering. I wish it lasted longer, and I also hope to see Jess more in this series.
  • The scenes revolving around the males is pretty boring to me. I'd rather see more catfighting!
  • Although I really like seeing Joel and Myolie together, I also like seeing him with Sire Ma. I'm not a fan of Joel Chan as a person, but I do think he's a pretty good actor and I like his role here.
  • I can't wait to watch the rest of the series. I hope the end doesn't disappoint.

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