Curse of the Royal Harem Promotional Event

Some of the cast members of Curse of the Royal Harem rode on an open top bus around Hong Kong to do some promotion for their show. This includes Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Charmaine Li, Jess Summ, Sire Ma, Oscar Chan, Ben Wong, and a few others.

More pictures and quick thoughts up to episode 21:

Source: Weibo and Oriental Daily

~~~ Spoiler Alert~~~

Thoughts so far: I'm up to episode 21 and I think is actually a pretty great drama so far. Of course, there are still a few more episodes left so if there is a weak ending, my opinion can totally change but I find the overall story and characters very appealing. A lot of people may think that the leads are miscast but if you watch a few episodes, you might be surprised at what a great job they are all doing. I can feel the tension between Myolie and Joel and I wish there were more scenes from them. Gigi Wong and KK Cheung had a very dramatic scene in the last episode which convinced me that Gigi was right for this role. 
Even though this series is considered a grand production, there is not actually that many first-line actors here. I hope the supporting actors in this series gets some more recognition. Oscar is cute with his crush on Nancy, Charmaine Li's craziness was believable, Jess Summ is doing a great job as a bitchy and gossipy concubine, along with many other people who are still able to shine in their small roles.

As with any series, this might not be everyone's cup of tea but I hope the ratings get higher the last 2 weeks because the acting is truly superb. 

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