Kate Tsui and Sammy Sum dating?

Kate Tsui is rumored to be dating fellow TVB actor, Sammy Sum, who is probably most famous for being in love with Bosco Wong in Lives of Omission. They supposedly fell in love while filming 2 series together: Forensic Heroes 3 and Lives of Omission. 

hehe... In the series, both Kate and Sammy were in love with Bosco, but in reality, Kate and Sammy might be together instead?

They were recently spotted having dinner together before heading to dance class together. However, they did leave separately. Sammy's rumored ex is JJ Jia while Kate was rumored to be with Ron Ng although he currently has a girlfriend. 

Kate has a higher status in TVB right now since she's playing more lead roles while Sammy is only a supporting actor but he's also a talented singer and pianist. 

What do you think? Are they just friends or are they actually dating? Sammy looks better with the facial hair and they would make a cute couple if this is true. 



Anonymous said...

sammy sum look so like orlando bloom in the third picture

AC said...

Wow, he really does, especially with that facial hair!

vera-ism said...

I luv watching tvb too~

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