2011 (Going into 45th) TVB Anniversary Gala- Fashion Post

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala was held on 11/19/2011 and there were many high stylish moments, as well as some low- what were you thinking?! moments. Go check them out below.

Females doing a "chok" pose

Males doing a "chok" pose

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Kevin Chen and Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong - Interest outfit- He looks very cool but not a fan of all the pieces.

Fala Chen- It's a very pretty backless dress.

Kayi Cheung - White is popular this year.

Grace Wong- It's a little outrageous but I kinda love this dress. It looks like fire, or the dress Katniss would wear from The Hunger Games book. I don't know why she cut her hair so short though!

Sire Ma, Leanne Li, Jess Summ

Kate Tsui- I really liked this dress until I saw the back of it. It's a good thing you can't see it in this picture because it's this sheer black back that makes the dress look weird.

Katy Kung- Cute but not a fan of the tiara.

Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma
I'll talk about Kenneth here. He looks very cute and I like the splash of color on his tie.

Kevin Cheng- Oh Kevin. Why the velvet???

Kevin Cheng and Kiki Sheung- Kiki once played his mom in a series even though she is only 7 years older than him!

Leanne Li- She looks very pretty, even with the boring dress. It reminds me of a bridesmaid dress.

Mandy Wong and Lin Xia Wei- I can't see the whole dress but Mandy's dress looks a little boring.

Michael Tse- I'm not really liking this all black combo on him. Maybe if he didn't button all the way up?

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan- I wish Moses would stop styling his hair like that. It makes him look old. Aimee is pretty and I like that she showed off her legs, but I don't really like how the top is shaped.

Myolie Wu- I like this dress and how it seems like it's all covered up except for the deep V. Low cut dresses somehow look more elegant on more flat-chested people. hehe.. I wish her lipstick was a little bit redder though.

Nancy Wu and Aimee Chan

Natalie Tong- I really like the style and the flowiness of this dress.

Raymond Lam- I like this combination of the turtleneck and the suit. He looks casual yet dressy at the same time.

Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam

Raymond Wong- Cute bowtie

Ron Ng- I would like this so much better if he didn't fold up his pants!

Samantha Ko- The pink looks good on her.

Selena Li- It's pretty, yet I don't really like the dress.

Myolie Wu and Sharon Chan- I like all their pictures that they take together. You can tell that they're good friends. I like Sharon's dress and the high slit...

...but she needs to remember how high her slit is and make sure her underwear is not showing. lol

Sire Ma- I like the pop of red in her shoes.

Susanna Kwan- elegant as always

Tavia Yeung- I think this outfit is too much. There's already a lot of sparkle on her dress so I wish she didn't wear such flashy jewelry and I'm not a fan of the headband either.

Tracy Ip- I like the short sleeves of her dress but wish she had simpler jewelry as well.

Vivien Yeo- I feel like I've seen this dress on Tavia but in a different color before? I'm too lazy to check right now.

Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu

Wayne Lai and Edwin Siu- Edwin's sleeve should've started from the very top of the sleeve. It just looks like an extra long glove.

Wayne Lai- When I first saw the jacket, I thought it looked a little plastic, but it looks better in motion.

Angela Tong- She looked gorgeous in red.

Natalie Tong and Angela Tong

Christine Kuo

Johnson Li, Chris Lai, Liza Wang, Wayne Lai, Ron Ng

Here are some other random pictures:

*Most pictures are from Weibo.

My choices for the best dressed this year are....
Male: Raymond Lam
Female Natalie Tong

What did you think of their fashions this year? Who are your best/worst dressed?


Anonymous said...

Best dressed female: Myolie
Best dressed male: sadly, none.
Worst dresses female: Tavia
Worst dressed male: Kevin

Anonymous said...

best female: myolie
best male: ron

AC said...

Hi! I sadly agree that Tavia and Kevin were perhaps the worst dressed that evening. I appreciate that they were going for something different but it didn't look good.

I thought Myolie looked gorgeous and classy in that white dress.

I would have chosen Ron for best dressed male if only he didn't cuff up his pants!

Thanks for commenting guys! :)

Anonymous said...

best female-Myolie best male- kenneth

Rachel said...

Best dressed female: Myolie!
Best dressed male: Bosco

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