Ancient Look

Some artists can pull off the look in ancient series quite well while others look a little ridiculous. I believe one of the reasons that Kevin Cheng had a modern hairdo in Devil's Disciple was because he couldn't pull off the long hair. I listed the 3 that automatically come to mind when I think they are best fit for filming ancient series.

Female: Tavia Yeung

When I first started watching TVB series, I didn't really like her acting since I saw a lot of her modern series first such as Golden Faith. Then a funny thing happened, any time I see her in any of the ancient series (Twin of Brothers, Face to Fate, A Pillowcase of Mystery), I automatically change my mind and like her. Everything from her look to her acting works for her, but maybe it's also that I think she looks prettiest with long hair. In modern series, I thought she looked pretty plain and her acting didn't really stand out, but when she's in ancient series, she looks a lot prettier (graceful and more refined... even when playing a funny role). It was only when watching Yummy Yummy that one scene stood out that made me like her in modern series as well: it was when she was crying because she felt bad for liking Kevin.

Male: Bosco Wong

I don't know what dynasty this is considered but Bosco stands out as the one guy who doesn't look horrible when filming these type of series. I usually hate this genre mainly because the half-bald look does not look flattering on any guy. However, Bosco stands out and that's probably why they have him film so many of these series: Find The Light, Wong Fei Hung, War of In Laws.

Male: Raymond Lam

The other guy that looks good in ancient roles is Raymond Lam when he films ancient series that revolves around fighting. He still looks handsome with the long hair and his fighting scenes look pretty realistic. His major breakthrough roles was as the future king in A Step Into The Past and after that, he was cast as male lead in a LOT of ancient series: Eternal Happiness, Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, Blade Heart, Twin of Brothers, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Face to Fate, and The Four. I think that's probably why he's so popular in China since they are more receptive of those type of series than in Hong Kong.

Who do you think looks the best in ancient roles?

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