Find The Light (ending revealed)

*Spoiler: Ending Revealed*

After delaying to watch this series (since it looked boring), I finally finished watching the whole series! I wanted to watch it since it has the very young Bosco, Ron, Tavia, Shirley, and Leila Tong. It's kinda weird to watch how their acting was before they blew up and became as popular as they are now. I have to say Ron has greatly improved from that series to now. A lot of people say that he has "dead eyes" when acting and I never really thought so until I saw this series. Either way, he does look studly and has an "it" factor that other better actors may not have. Bosco has also improved since his speech was a slight mumble back then and he makes use of his voice and inflections much better now. I actually don't think Tavia has ever acted badly in an ancient series because she plays the lady-like roles well. Shirley looks so young in this series- is it possible that she currently looks better and younger now than before? I think it's the dimples but her current shorter hair cut does make her look more mature, which I think she's going for to try out different roles. Leila had a smaller role here so there's not much to comment on.

I liked the first half of the series more than the second half because I like how they were building the relationships between Bosco and Ron, Bosco and Tavia, Ron and Shirley, and Ron and Damien who played his master. I also liked Maggie in this series even though I don't get why they cast her in such an older role since she plays Ron's mom here! It's very cute how she cares for her son and does favors for Damien so that he can treat her son better as well. The last few episodes were kinda anticlimatic though. I was expecting some big battle scene with their kung fu but that never happened. I didn't mind that as much as the last 2 minutes of the series! It was just Ron flipping a coin to see if he's going to stay in his transporting business or follow Bosco to work at the capital, and the last image you see is of the coin in the air. Then, some guy makes some commentary about what happens to them as you see Chinese scrolling. Mind you, I can't read Chinese, and even though I can understand Chinese well, it's a little difficult in ancient series because of the way they speak. So it ends for me with not knowing what happens at the end! I had to search through the internet before I finally figured it out. I think it's basically saying that Bosco gets jailed for trying to stop the opium business, Ron rescues him out, their great friendship is known, but they are never seen again? Please let me know if that's wrong!

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