Weirdly Handsome

There are some people that you see and automatically think that they are handsome or cute, such as Kevin Cheng or Raymond Lam. There are others that start of in the entertainment industry at a young age and after a few years, they get rid of the awkward stage and look better with age. However, there are some guys who basically look the same through out the years, but when I see them in more dramas and in interviews, they start to appear more handsome! Here are some guys that I think that might not be typically good looking, but in my opinion (since beauty is in the eye of the beholder), are weirdly, quite handsome! As a side note, I also love their personalities more and more as I see them in more interviews and see how they interact with their fellow actors.

Michael Tse (one of my favorite roles for him: La Femme Desperado)

Wayne Lai (one of my favorite roles for him: Gentle Crackdown 2)

Bobby Au Yeung (I love almost everything he's in!)

Johnson Lee (I started to notice him more in Welcome to the House)

Wong Cho Lam (singer, songwriter, composer, director, actor, host- is there anything he can't do?!)


Hani-TVB said...

Totally agree with you =D i think they are handsome because of their personality and charisma. At the beginning I takes me a while to get used to see Michael Tse but now I like him a lot. In Wayne's case it was never a matter of looks and Bobby ... xD he looks as cute as twenty years before in the "Grand Canal" (1986).
I really really like reading your posts :D, but my grammar is too horrible to comment every post.

AC said...

When i first saw Michael Tse in Legal Entanglement, I thought he looked weird, but the more you see him, the more he grows on you!
Thanks for visiting and feel free to post ( I don't see anything wrong with your grammar!). I get too lazy to proofread what I write so I prob. have a lot of mistates! haha

hyn5 said...

My friend thinks Bobby is handsome, but my sisters and I agree that he is super cute! There is nothing Bobby can't do. Did you know that Bobby was the best dancer in his acting class? He was better than Stephen Chow, Tony Leung, Francis Ng, Berg Ng, Waise Lee, Eddie Cheung, etc. Ha ha...

AC said...

I really would not have thought that he was the best dancer?! I should go search for some clips.. haha

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